The film centers on a Spanish tapas bar and the love lives of the loosely interconnected people in the neighborhood surrounding the bar. The pairs of lovers include a middle aged woman and a young man; an elderly, drug dealing woman and her terminally ill husband in poor health; the tapas bar owner and his estranged wife; and two Chinese immigrants.

The small, everyday stories of a group of neighbours who live in a suburb of Barcelona, and the little secrets that they hide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tapas torrent reviews

Master C (kr) wrote: Phenomenal, message is deep but makes the movie good even tho character depth is lacking but worth the watch.

Levi D (nl) wrote: (100th movie) Nostalgic orgasm. Cheesy at some parts, but still effective. "With great power comes great uhh... what was it again."

Alex A (us) wrote: Great Movie, I really enjoyed it.

Jeffrey N (it) wrote: I officially don't like Diablo Cody. Juno was nice and quirky, made even more appealing by Ellen Page. However, after that abysmal show, The United States of Tara and now this poorly written movie, I'm convicted that, while performances, like the superb ones by Patton Oswalt and Charlize Theron in Young Adult, can enhance bad writing, it can't mask it. This movie is full of holes, the inability to stay focused on a solid story and, at the beginning, painfully dull. By the end, I'm affected by Charlize's near-perfect portrayal of a self-righteous, arrogant, narcissistic depressive, so she played the part well. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that Diablo's screenplay could have had a hand I how this messed up character is displayed, but the overall story is choppy, poorly plotted and void of basic comprehension in certain areas that I feel as though I could have written it

David Ray G (ag) wrote: When I first heard about this movie I thought, "Peter Dinklage, Tim Roth and Steve Buscemi in ONE movie? Hell yes." But I came to discover it was a rather disappointing. The first half was engaging and pleasant, but as the movie progressed it lost track of where it was headed towards. Somewhat cult and in the fashion of Big Lebowski, but still nowhere near as good. I loved the somewhat vintage atmosphere, and the dirty look of it, but content-wise it was empty. The acting is, of course, magnificent, but not enough to salvage a film that has no purpose existing.

Rory Fyfe S (ru) wrote: I thought this was a well acted movie. With funny scenes, and great characters.

Summer S (de) wrote: I'm basically guaranteed to enjoy anything SAW-related, but this is admittedly one of the weaker entries in the series. Tobin Bell is phenomenal as always, and the character of John Kramer AKA Jigsaw is a fascinating one to explore - even after his death - so the flashback scenes are legitimately great. However, there is so little focus put on the main 'game' in the film that it appears to be an after-thought, and I think it should have been better developed and thought through. The pacing of the film is jarringly slow compared to what the audience has become used to in this series, and I feel that is another flaw of the film. All in all though, there are still great traps and some stand-out scenes (most notably John's 'recruitment' of Hoffman) so it's by no means a waste of time to fans of the series.

camille r (mx) wrote: the three stories are somewhat uneven. however, if i would only rate the 1st part of this film then it would be perfect. included one of the most powerful scenes i have seen and reminds me as to what cinema is all about

Tyler G (gb) wrote: Slow-paced and quite depressing.

Aimee B (kr) wrote: Dude, this shit's no laughing matter. My grandma *died* because she got run over by a reindeer!

Nick E (gb) wrote: More than just being funny, it is a scarily dead on commentary on the American political campaign. Bob Roberts reminds me of the "Tea Party candidates" that popped up in 2010 who relied on phony populism to garner support.

rOCk D (jp) wrote: The movie is cool cause it talks about a girl who fell in love with a vampire

Nathanael S (fr) wrote: I do the Jamaica Ska for 5 minutes a day every day!

Gordon T (kr) wrote: ESSENTIAL!!!!! CRITERION DVD and Laserdiscs RULE!!!!!! another oft-sat-upon movie. When you "sit-on" movies (i.e. prevent their release for whatever reason) you are denying people the privilege of seeing great ideas and great art presented on film or video.

bill s (it) wrote: Good performances and an entertaining feel good story carry this rather genetic family drama to a rewarding conclusion.

mr m (us) wrote: One of the worst films I've ever seen!

bill s (br) wrote: Cooper is great in the duel role but his Uday is just evil and the main reason to watch this movie.