A three-character ensemble piece set within the confines of a tawdry motor lodge in Lansing, Michigan. After 10 years apart, three disparate people come together to play out the unresolved drama of their final days in high school. Intrigued, we watch as layers of denial are slowly peeled away. Suspense builds as each character is provoked into revealing his or her true nature and motivation. Mesmerized, we are drawn into their lives as they choose which cards to play and which cards to hold.

Three old high school friends pass the time in a Michigan motel room dissecting the painful memories of their high school years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan M (au) wrote: Another great and fun Muppet movie! This one wasn't quite as good as the previous one, but the music was better and overall it was still a winner! Looking forward to the new TV show starting tomorrow!

Steve T (mx) wrote: Decent documentary. Cool insight. Very biased, however, and let's just say there's a reason Linus Torvalds is Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman is Richard Stallman. He's what Howard Wolowitz was destined to become had he not married Bernadette.

Lilian W (gb) wrote: Once again he's back in the 20's, this time to explore the origins of swing music and the ideas of a wasted life and wasted chances. Smantha Morton was brilliant as Hattie

Ian C (jp) wrote: Mr. Miyagi, JCVD, Danny Trejo, and The Karte Kid and Rocky Director, John G. Avildsen go all Yojimbo. So comedy gold from the Belgian legend.

Rich G (mx) wrote: 6th in the series and an improvement on the last installment,Dave Prowse plays a good sympathetic monster and Cushing in his last appearance as baron frankenstein gives the performance his all,Funny in places too

Alex G (de) wrote: I will never desire to see this movie again, as it lacks everything I come to a movie for. It ultimately has very little to say, no real characters, and the thinnest of stories. That said, its visuals and creativity are remarkable.