The story of Ivan and Josh, two dim witted ex-security guards who love music videos. Out of work, with no job prospects, they form a music video production company. They soon learn the in's and out's of the business in LA and with some help from Mo Fuzz, they soon become hot property. But not all goes smoothly when they try to resurrect the career of their favorite R&B duo, the Swanky Modes.

A couple of creative losers accidently become big shots in the video music industry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tapeheads torrent reviews

Sarah H (es) wrote: it was a pretty good movie.

Federico F (gb) wrote: Great sequel to the hit horror Hispanic, which triggers new tracks and narrative style sovvrapone different with less fear but more storyline to follow, where the unexpected plays an important role

Amanda W (ru) wrote: Different/Gross/Not Bad/Kinda Liked.

Priya T (ag) wrote: ok good songs but not the best story

Shaan S (de) wrote: Easily one of if not the greatest animated film ever made.

Carolyn P (gb) wrote: this was a surprisingly good movie that deals with a subject that is not normally dealt with. It was pretty sad and depressing at times.

I dont know w (ag) wrote: Nobody can imitate Sellers, no matter how hard they try, and that's why this movie isn't going to work.

Ade S (mx) wrote: I own the full lone wolf collection, and even though it's a mashup of 2 of those films, it's a movie which has probably gone on to inspire the grindhouse material. This movie is featured in the latter half of Kill Bill pt.1, and the Crazy 88 scene seems to contain a certain resemblance to scenes contained in this. The dubbing is not without it's hilarity, and the 'blood' looks a lot like deep red paint, and the music sounds warped and unbalanced. But for all these flaws, it just adds to the character of it. It looks and sounds like a B movie, but, it makes up for it in the talent of the actors, scenery, from the originals. Balls to the wall action. And it's brilliant. The originals are better and more structured story-wise.

Konrad A (fr) wrote: I only saw part of it and did not enjoy this movie I was bored with it. I like the book better not the movie

Caleb M (mx) wrote: A haunting romance, chilling ghost story, and amusing fable, Kuroneko is a beautiful trip into a world between life and death, happiness and sorrow, pain and pleasure.

Danielle (fr) wrote: great movie great cast

Lisa D (kr) wrote: Really should never have ended up on 'The Nasties' list. Preditable yet solid enough little thriller, which could almost have been aired on a Sunday afternoon with a couple of small cuts. Also, its got William Shatner in!!!