Tapped Out

Tapped Out

A disgruntled teenager, sent to do community service at a rundown Karate school, enters an MMA tournament to face the man who killed his parents.

The content revolves around a young boy is irresponsible after his parents were robbed and beaten to death by thugs. 7 years later, he is sent to study at acquaintances dojo, he gradually find the meaning of life. Then one day he accidentally meet the enemy killing his parents. The boy who is innocent previously has changed. Now, he always carries the hatred and determination catching the murderer to be punished… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wayne K (mx) wrote: When you watch a film with a reputation like this one, it's difficult not to approach it with a particular mind-set. In this case, one of preparing to be disgusted. I just hoped it had something to offer besides the usual blood and guts which make up 90% of modern gornographic films. Technically speaking you could claim this isn't porn, or even horror, but is actually social commentary. Indeed, that's what its director has claimed, stating it's a satire on Serbian movie censorship and the people that make films on Serbian soil with foreign funding. Watching the first half I was actually very interested in the story and the direction it was taking. To me it was more of a critique of the world's increasingly sadistic tastes, and that no matter how deplorable something you make is, if you call it art, people will eat it up. I noticed a recurring motif of red within the film, which subtly hints at what's to come, and the atmosphere is intense and discomforting, following the main character through scenarios and encounters that put him more and more on edge. Unfortunately, in order to satirize modern sadism, the film-makers have, knowingly or otherwise, created a piece of modern sadism. The film was most effective when the violent acts were more suggested or talked about than physically shown, but soon they're forced into the spotlight, and what results is a series of increasingly perverse and disturbing grotesqueries. I do admire it for at least attempting to address such contentious issues, but when the movie is shoving these issues relentlessly into your faces, the message becomes somewhat obscured.

Federico F (jp) wrote: Sport-comedy sgangherata e molto eccessiva

Anna N (it) wrote: Not interested. I usually avoid horror movies.

Priscilla U (us) wrote: I thought this was a great attempt at a new concept. It grasped recent days problems and was able to show how one man's outlook could change for the better...of course, if it would have been shot entirely out of black and white, i think that could have added to the film, and if some of the actors knew how to act, that could have helped too. The main character did extremely well though.

Seamus M (kr) wrote: i saw this on youtube and i so wish i could go back and take back those 89 minutes of my life watching this horrible movie the quality is from like 40's the acting completely sucks the characters in this film are stupid everyone about this is stupid it's the worst film i have ever seen it is an extreme insult to call this a film and i love horror movies it seems this movie was bad on purpose and I'm being very generous giving this a half of star

Timo V (fr) wrote: Definetely worth of watching! So badly done that it's funny.

Amy B (ru) wrote: From Stage to Screen Cirque Du Soleil does not fare well in the efforts of the creative team behind the motion picture, the atmosphere is some what lost during the translation of taking it from the stage to the big screen.As we find ourselves watching a circus show with next to no dialogue, repetitive aerialist and no real animals it's hard to see why the film was conjured. Whilst World's Away could be wildly popular with fans of the stage show, as a Cirque Du Soleil virgin it was hard to enjoy.The film, drafted together from 7 of the troupes Las Vegas shows, is the story of a girl and a male aerialist who become enchanted by each other, when an act goes wrong the aerialist finds himself in a dream like world. Not wanting to leave him in the other world alone the girl, Mia follows him. World's Away is 85 minutes of Mia's frantic search to find the guy she fell in love with the moment they first met.Visually captivating yet boring, the show features stunning backdrops and a eclectic choice of music, there is no doubt that the dancers are oozing with talent but the lack of substance leaves you wanting more.

Rod G (de) wrote: "Space Battleship Yamato" es una adaptacin de la popular pelcula de anime trada en formato live-action que carece de una trama original pero conmueve por la actuacin de su buen elenco y cuyos efectos especiales convencen de vez en cuando pero entretienen bien.