Tara Road

Tara Road

Two grieving women - Ria, a Dublin mom whose husband discloses he's in love with a woman already pregnant, and Marilyn, a Connecticut Yankee who's son has died - swap houses for a couple months. Marilyn finds solace in Ria's garden and becomes friends with Colm, a local with a restaurant and his own demons. Ria gets a job cooking, has a date or two, and gradually comes out of her shell. Meanwhile,

Two women -- one American, one Irish -- swap houses and alter the course of their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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cli o (fr) wrote: ehh. . . . no thanks

Tim C (us) wrote: The characters of Jay & Silent Bob were played out at least 2 or 3 films ago, but I'm still kinda curious.

Dee H (au) wrote: Just gets better and better each time you watch. First class!!

Andy F (ru) wrote: A passable but tedious Jack The Ripper movie. It looks great and is quite gripping, but it never really disturbs or stirs the emotions too much.

Michael S (mx) wrote: Sad attempt to milk more money out of the Home Alone franchise, this time with a whole new cast of characters. It does have some decent slapstick, though, which automatically makes it better than Home Alone 2.

David F (br) wrote: The doomed love story in this film involves a prostitute and a suicidal drunk and they're maybe the most perfect match for each other in the history of cinema. The Las Vegas setting, with its tolerance and encouragement of varying kinds of sin, makes the perfect setting-booze-soaked, neon-drenched, jammed with strangers. It's sad without being cynical and romantic without being false.

Alex K (es) wrote: 2008's The Dark Knight Is My Second Favorite Film Of All Time.

Scott M (es) wrote: A fun war/action movie with some real star power (Harrison Ford and Robert Shaw are great). I was surprised at some really awesome action sequences in this film. Probably not as good as "The Guns of Navarone" but still a quality sequel (which more or less has nothing to do with the original anyway).

Trent R (jp) wrote: aka Kill Them All! aka Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!Fascinating both in terms of its structural approach to genre, subversive political themes, and how it obliquely reflects the intensely personal lives of the director/writer and star. Seberg's still then-husband directs her in some tightly scripted and intimate scenes regarding themes of infidelity. And this while such issues and an unplanned pregnancy by another man became public thanks to politically motivated interference by the FBI.There are clear influences from Jean-Pierre Melville and Godard, with a pop art approach to American gangster iconography. The Brad KILLian anti-hero being reminiscent of Lemmy Caution, or even Caine's Carter in a manner. The heroin-busting plot is cursory, but Gary's slyly scripted dialogue contains radical subtext and some hilariously overt depictions of native insurgency, with Afghani Sufis and a kid nicknamed Che Guevara. Gary shoots some early night scenes with Seberg in dark clothing, accentuating her beautiful profile and bright hair as if floating in space. Chiaroscuro lighting returns later in the film, but there are also interesting sequences of filmed executions being repeated for thematic emphasis. Aldo Sambrell's familiar genre presence is also used to great effect, despite it being not much more than an extended cameo and glorious execution.There is also an insane pop art musical interlude that cuts between the heroin dealers discussing canine-human pornography and dealing to children with scenes of Seberg and Boyd engaging in a strangely negotiated coupling of their own. All of which is scored by none other than Memphis Slim on piano, giving a bluesy vocal rendition of the theme song that contrasts well with Edda Dell'Orso and Doris Troy's.It isn't until the likes of Johnnie To, John Woo, Tarantino and of course Scorsese that we would see genre played with in quite the same masterful manner and with such witty layers. One need only watch James Mason's dying visions of machine-gunned, undead gangsters, Sufi-leaping heavenward to understand that what they are watching is not a typical formulaic genre entry.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: Pam as a tough latex-clad bounty hunter and bar owner in the only free city left during the 2nd US Civil War. Decent film and better than most comic book based movies. Memorable opening credits.

Gregory M (nl) wrote: A very heartfelt movie,a very moving movie and a very emotional movie.Great performances by the whole cast that have a way to speak to your heart.

Scott M (gb) wrote: Exceptional movie with 3-4 different memorable characters. Tommy Lee Jones plays an elderly sheriff who is too old to chase murderers. Josh Brolin plays a guy who gets "lucky" when he finds a case with a lot of cash. Javier Bardem plays the evil mass murderer who no one can stop or even understand. I think the Coen Brothers wanted to show the innocence of the Southwest and how its unprepared for such a danger. Wonderful film.

Paul D (ca) wrote: I ended up liking this more than I thought I would. It's political views are all over the map, but it ended slightly better than I expected it to. A good performance by Farrah Fawcett.

Scott W (ca) wrote: Excellent creepy thriller with a glowing monster tearing out the throatsof its victims in the marshes.Rathbone and Bruce are brilliant as ever and Gerald Hamer is great as the local postman. This one scared me as a child. Ian Wolfe plays a drunk butler.