Tara: The Journey of Love and Passion

Tara: The Journey of Love and Passion

An Indian gypsy woman is outlawed from her house by her husband, allegedly for adultery, when she is already nine months pregnant.

Director Kumar Raaj is a One man Show here , for bring a clean subject on social issue such as WOMEN Empowerment. Producer of ZAKHMI AURAT starring Dimple Kapadia (1988)- Ashok Punjabi , ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tara: The Journey of Love and Passion torrent reviews

Khaled M (kr) wrote: Heartwarming sweet movie with a beautiful sentimental message about unconditional love.

ManSum Y (au) wrote: A story of how dogs can bring people closer together

Rabeea (ag) wrote: nothing new. predictably stupid.

Sylvain C (ag) wrote: Ce film fait doucement passer une ide qu'encore trop refuse d'intgrer.

Maureen T (es) wrote: Perfect artist to use. Sammi Cheng, character was greatly shown. This is actually the first sweet, romance, casual, love comedy in Hong Kong. Before HK movie must mostly action and adventurous movie. Now they came up with movies with Miriam Yeung. (I love Miriam though)

Griffin M (us) wrote: Foreign people sure know how to make horror really freaking depressing. Did I enjoy watching this? No. But both its creepy mythos and disturbing nature stuck in my head, and I'm not upset that I saw it.

John R (nl) wrote: 161227: As a late 70s early 80s junior-high school guy, this film did nothing for me. Yes, we had similar characters. We had the parties and the same high school drama. The hazing was not as severe but I'm Canadian so perhaps that was a factor? Our cars were not as nice but it anything, that is the best feature of this film, the vehicles. I'm a bit surprised at how well received this film is. I can't see myself ever coming back, or even being convinced to watch it again. The DVD I received for free has hit the garage sale pile. Goodbye.

James W (au) wrote: This sequel is pretty creepy. Especially due to the strange old man who's after Carol Anne.

Donna D (nl) wrote: Hilarious teen comedy on a Secret Admirer letter. How one letter intrigues the mind of Michael ( C.Thomas Howell) who is curious to see who his admirer is and pin points the hot girl in school Debbie. Only thing is Michael needs his best friend Toni to help him out with delivering the letters. Soon, it get's in the wrong hands and causes mayhem. Hilarious and funny and a great 80's favorite. Fred Ward makes a nice addition to this comedy. :)

Ian C (fr) wrote: I still get lots of laughs out of this. It has lots of great characters in High Tower, Mahoney, Jones and my favourite Tackleberry. Harris is such a cunt and an excellent villain. A double twitch off Callahan and Thompson.

Alex S (au) wrote: Yay for unncessary remakes? Move Over Darling is annoying beholden to the original, without updating it much to the 60s or to the talents of its cast. Which is sad, because when you got Thelma Ritter, you give her something to do! And My Favorite Wife wasn't the sharpest script to begin with, but the great pairing of Irene Dunne and Cary Grant made it work. Doris Day and James Garner don't measure up and the longer run time makes the thin premise run ever more ragged.

Mitch T (gb) wrote: Because it's as weird as it can be, Eraserhead is one of those strange movies that goes into your head and stays there. It's a movie that, because it's hugely ambiguous, gives everyone their own different and unique interpretation of it. In my opinion, it is a masterpiece, but it definitely isn't for everyone.

David L (us) wrote: A truly unique film that manages to combine horror, humour and a genuine heartfelt look at love and grief. Once seen, never forgotten.