Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo

Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo

An airplane carring coffee beans from South America has some unpleasant stowaways: a hoard of tarantulas which overcome the pilots as the airplane is flying over an orange-producing town in California. The airplane crashes, and the unlucky inhabitants of the town release the poisonous spiders into their midst. Once the town's officials discover that the tarantulas are responsible for several deaths, the tarantulas have already descended upon the town's only orange-processing factory. The town's citizens risk their lives to remove the tarantulas from the factory while the poisonous pests are rendered motionless by the transmitted sound of buzzing bees

An airplane carring coffee beans from South America has some unpleasant stowaways: a hoard of tarantulas which overcome the pilots as the airplane is flying over an orange-producing town in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Biggy (de) wrote: Best 80's Movie EVER

Walter M (ru) wrote: The meditative, subversive and provocative thriller, "Essential Killing," is about the hunt for a suspected terrorist(Vincent Gallo), told almost entirely from his point of view. Except like in real life and the movie, things are not so simple. We first see him in a cave, trembling before killing two American contractors(Zach Cohen & Iftach Ophir) and their escort, who are there off-book and quite possibly involved in drug smuggling, in order to escape. Soon after this, he is captured and processed at an airbase and cleaned up. He is shouted at by an American officer(David Price) and might answer if not for all the ringing in his ears from the explosion. All of which resembles a production line more than anything else.(This is not the only time the movie references "Brave New World" by the way.) Since the waterboarding produces no results, he is shipped with others to Poland. In any case, this makes for a poor first impression. His escape into the snowy wilderness occurs when the army convoy comes across a literal pack of road hogs, causing the truck he is in to go over the side of the road and overturning. At which point, the conflict becomes less man vs. man than man vs. nature, as the former prisoner makes a bid to live off the land like the hunters and fishermen he sees with one extreme example thrown in for good measure.(Considering how much he seems to know about the flora, it would probably come as no surprise that he has done some hunting himself.) At the same time, we get glimpses of a past, happier existence.

Bill R (kr) wrote: For all the British cast I was hoping for an amazing comedy with a great story but in the end it didn't give me everything. It definitely had its funny moments and given the dark nature of the film it suited nicely but it just didn't seem to know where to take it after about 2/3rd of the way in. I felt a weird mafia movie coming on, than a strange dark un-comedic ending and then it just gave me what it was. not a terrible watch though.

Cam E (de) wrote: A film with Raja Gosnell as director is clearly bad. I have seen some of Gosnell's other films and they are either looking good but very disappointing or obviously bad. Home Alone 3 is a prime example.

James V (jp) wrote: They took an overrated video game series and turned it into an awful movie. Seriously this film has no redeeming qualities.

Juan M (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. I can't remember how many times I've watched it. Good all-around fun.

Daisy R (ru) wrote: I cried (a lot), a really beautiful movie.

WakeWRC89 (jp) wrote: Was really surprised to see on here this has good ratings. I wanted to watch this as its known as abit of a classic. Was very dissapointed. It seemed to go on and on and was a very boring film I thought. Glad I watched it but wont be giving it a second viewing. Not my thing.

Rory C (gb) wrote: almost as good as the first one but it got a little lazy at the end when they used stock footage of the t Rex from the first one

Thas J (kr) wrote: Praticamente uma modernizao de "Casal 20". <3

Shannon T (mx) wrote: Marlene Dietrich's outfits -- the tacked on ending -- the ludicrous montages -- the gorilla sequence -- what's not to love about this movie? And that's not even mentioning Cary Grant...

Iak H (ca) wrote: Eraserhead is David Lynch's first film and is one of his best works. Eraserhead is weird and is surreal picture and feels like you are dreaming. Eraserhead is one of my all time favorite films and is a must see.

Kenneth B (ru) wrote: This just felt like sensory overload to me. Welles' narration is so frantic, as is the editing that I felt like I needed to come up for air at various points. That said F for Fake does deliver a few solid laughs.

Bob B (nl) wrote: Like watching a music video. On mute.

Thomas D (kr) wrote: I think You Only Live Twice suffers from the same mistakes that Thunderball made, which is trying to too much different. The first three Sean Connery Bond films are each terrific in their own right but they follow the same structure just in a slightly unique way. With You Only Live Twice (YOLT), I once again felt like I wasn't watching a Bond film at all.This film takes Bond all the way out to the Japan area and closer (but really farther away) to the inter-workings of Spectre. I'm on record saying that I have grown tired of seeing the leader of Spectre teased and teased in each film without any actual payoff. We get that here, but the Japanese structure gives this film enough uniqueness to hold me off one more time. Why it took them so long to reveal who is behind Spectre is beyond me, but I just think this and Thunderball were missed opportuities.The problem is that I can't help but think the reason to bring Bond to Japan was to appeal to a broader audience. That's fine, but if you lose the fans you had in the first place, it does no good. Another strange thing about YOLT is that much like Thunderball dealt with underwater sequnences, this film dealt with space exploration and Spectre's interest in capturing American spacecrafts. It's just too out there for a James Bond film.But unlike Thunderball, YOLT only has maybe one cool action sequence and music that isn't as fresh or exciting as Thunderball. Although the climax of the film does give us action packed thrills and our first look at you know who, it doesn't save the rest of the film for me. The Japanese aesthetic ends up growing tiresome after you spend 80% of the movie there. I wish the franchise would have integrated the more interesting characters back at MI6 at this point in the series. Understanding that Bond is a man coming back from the dead in this story, I wish the films themselves would do the same. Return to what made the franchise so exciting and entertaining. +Spectre finally unveiled, sort of+New aesthetic+Ambitious-But the change to the setting seemed forced and money oriented-Silly at times-Why space?6.1/10