Tarpan (The Absolution)

Tarpan (The Absolution)

Joravar lives in a the desert state of Rajasthan in a small village together with his wife, Lachmi, and two young daughters. His first daughter inexplicably passes away, and both parents ...

Joravar lives in a the desert state of Rajasthan in a small village together with his wife, Lachmi, and two young daughters. His first daughter inexplicably passes away, and both parents ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tarpan (The Absolution) torrent reviews

Brandon W (br) wrote: Pretty scary for a second or two. Really pointless for most of it.

Aaron A (ca) wrote: I was looking forward to this instalment of Rocky after I was disappointed by number 4 and to a degree number 5. This is better but for me it did not reach the high bar that the earlier Rocky films had sent. The plot is pretty implausible but you can't blame them for trying. I'm going to be honest, this film is overrated. I think too many people have watched this with rose tinted glasses and after watching number 4 and 5 I suppose anything better was bound to get decent reviews. As much as I like the Rocky franchise, I did feel that this was a bit of a feeble effort that was too sentimental for it's own good.I'm so glad Creed has come along and breathed new life into the franchise because let's face it, it was crying out for it.

Gustaf M (jp) wrote: John Sayles politiska satir r en mrkvrdig sdan. Hr fokuserar han sig kring guvernrskandidaten Dickie Pilager och hans mentor och hjrna bakom projektet Chuck Raven (den som kan lista ut vilka dessa tv herrar r baserade p fr en karamell). Men Sayles lter de tv politiska rvarna bara agera som skuggspel fr historien som han verkligen vill bertta. Den som pgr bakom omgivningens stngda gon. Silver City r s fylld utav tredimensionella karaktrer och ingen blir lmnad drhn och inget blir lmnat t slumpen. John Sayles visar, terigen, varfr han r en av filmvrldens absolut bsta skapare.

Damjan R (jp) wrote: High on emotion and featuring some subtle work from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 'Mysterious Skin' is uneasy viewing but given the subject its done with a nuance and eye for detail. The story has a detectable trajectory and it's certainly a drawback and given the clear message, some of the secondary story lines could have used more work. The direction is clear and uses some interesting techniques in the more emotionally delicate scenes. Despite being a tough watch, and some length and pacing issues, this is an interesting film worth your time.

Andrew F (mx) wrote: Elizabeth and I make fun of this at the store.

Sunder S (mx) wrote: Despite its flaws, its got more style and impact than Rang De Basanti

Preston M (it) wrote: I love this Movie and all the Death Wish Series!

Aaron B (kr) wrote: This movie destroyed a piece of my soul, and I love it for that.

Mikael B (ag) wrote: Rolig film om hur master Chen blir stympad i sina hnder s han inte kan anvnda sin apstil i kung fu och mste trna upp en ung kille fr att rdda sin syter.

Sophie D (au) wrote: oh dear god. this is one of the shittiest movies ever made. yet it's absolutely hilarious. totally unintentionally of course...

Kevin L (ca) wrote: Durante un safari en frica, un cazador profesional (Gable) se encuentra dividido entre una recin casada, rubia y de apariencia glida (Kelly), y una volcnica morena de turbio pasado (Gardner). Victor Marswell se dedica a la caza de animales salvajes para venderlos a los zoolgicos de todo el mundo. Los Nordley, una pareja de recin casados, llegan al campamento buscando la ayuda de Marswell para filmar un documental sobre los gorilas.

William M (fr) wrote: great scenery. lousy movie

Todd T (br) wrote: Mostly daytime scenes, which is weird for noir, but some nice performances aided by snappy, and often funny, dialogue. Very lean, efficient thriller.

Micah M (br) wrote: I picked this up during the great "random 50% to 60% off Criterion Sale" of aught-eight, based mainly on the one sentence synopsis. It is far above and beyond my expectations, particularly given the era in which it was made. The first few minutes had me worried that I was in for a staid period piece, but then the big reveal in the kitchen turns everything on its head. Richard Conte and Lee Cobb's performances are fantastic, but Valentina Cortese is stunning, and her scenes with Conte ooze with a sensuality and electricity that is rarely seen on screen, and is amazing for a film made in 1949.

Lafe F (jp) wrote: A well-done classic film. Joan Crawford is great as an unstable and empty rich wife, threatening the success of a talented violinist. The acting performances are top notch all around. Notable was the mother of the violinist. The orchestra performances are a spectacle. High quality production and direction too. I remember SCTV doing a skit based on this. The scenes on the beach on the end are well conceived. This movie caught my interest all the way through.

Plly M (br) wrote: Gloriously gorey and ridiculously cheesy in every way. Loved it!