Tartarughe sul dorso

Tartarughe sul dorso

Fabrizio Rongione plays a young man who, after time in prison for causing gbh in a fight (he has an explosive temper which he tries to control)...

Fabrizio Rongione plays a young man who, after time in prison for causing gbh in a fight (he has an explosive temper which he tries to control)... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin T (us) wrote: PALO ALTO. A film that draws you in in the very beginning, but at the end leaves you a little confused and not fully satisfied. Palo Alto is a film that I would describe as something that takes you on a long, dramatic journey to have nothing happen. That being said, I still did enjoy this film and would recommend to others who are into the sad, depressed coming of age indie films as the genre of choice. Which is not always a bad thing, the stories where strong and the cinematography was beautiful and well filmed. A work of art that was slightly rough around the edges.

William C (kr) wrote: It is a good continuation of the saga. It will have its moments when you think that this movie doesnt come close to the originals but it also has moments where it reaches those standards. I believe that the duel with Darth Maul is one of the best, if not the best, duels we have ever seen.

Ayrton Anthony C (gb) wrote: Puntaje Original: 7.0No llega a ser mejor que el libro. Si bien Hitchcock nos ofrece nuevos ingredientes y en cierto modo funciona el no ser del todo fiel al libro, en s pierde esencia en cuanto a misterio y juegos psicolgicos.

Oscar P (ag) wrote: It is always to go back and watch a good old movie. This one was a great production. Both Madonna and Banderas played great role. And the great music if Andrew Lloyd Webber makes this movie unforgivable.

Jbells16 B (au) wrote: This was a fun film to watch growing up. Now that I'm an adult I don't think I'll ever watch this movie again. :)

Thorn S (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movie of all times , Yimou Zhang he's just brilliant every single second every scene is just film to perfection and always tell somethings , Li Gong performance is just stunning-amazing , the plot is so much interesting , the craft the production is just amazing stunning one of the most beautiful craft director i've ever seen.

Petros T (us) wrote: The emotional stakes might be comparatively lower but the sequel to 1979's "Mad Max" is an arguably tighter affair. The stuntwork is fascinating once more and the script more focused, if still rather simplistic. The amazingly small amount of dialogue of any emotional gravitas highlights even more those moments of human insight in amongst the terrifying post-apocalyptic landscape. Miller's gone even crazier than before with the costumes, vehicles etc. in an insanely vivid yet flawed action flick.

Richard C (kr) wrote: very dated but joan collins looks lovely!

Ryan C (mx) wrote: Georgie/Martin is a boy who meets a girl, pretends to be mentally retarded and crashes at her place whilst secretly going out and plotting to murder his step-dad.A film focused on a schizophrenic is only enjoyable if you are a schizophrenic yourself.

LARRY C (jp) wrote: 2.5 hours, bad, too long, ugly images. Some lovely women.

Mark A (ru) wrote: Essentially Scream without any wit, likable characters, or plot coherency; it's really really bad