Tartuffe, or The Impostor

Tartuffe, or The Impostor


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Tartuffe, or The Impostor torrent reviews

Logan M (gb) wrote: Weak acting performances and a boring story really bring down the action scenes.

Mikael N (gb) wrote: Seen it: 2007-06-20Collegesque comedy with lack of good acting. Some nice girls to look at at times, but hey. even that wasn't enough here!

Michele B (br) wrote: the movie was awesome, i could watch it again

Samantha N (gb) wrote: This was a really good movie! It really captured the time period and Helena Bonham Carter and Cary Elwes were great!

Sgt C (au) wrote: (55%) A 1990's star-studded killer virus thriller that will grip and entertain in equal measures. For better and worse it is very Hollywood, and well worth a look.