One of the most classic and revered stories of all time, Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan returns to the big screen for a new generation. Tarzan and Jane face a mercenary army dispatched by the evil CEO of Greystoke Energies, a man who took over the company from Tarzan's parents, after they died in a plane crash in the African jungle.

After his parents died, Tarzan was raised by chimpanzees. He learned how to survive and become a healthy boy. And the love comes when Tarzan unexpectedly meets Jane Porter. But Tarzan and Jane have to face to a mercenary team which is dispatched by the greedy CEO of the company Greystoke Energies. He takeovers the company after his parents died in a plane crash… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tarzan torrent reviews

Nathan C (de) wrote: It doesn't deserve anything posotive because i saw only the worst part of this movie and it was Poorly Duckish! If I saw the Rest it would be the worst movie ever. Luckily I seen worse.Fuck Me For Watching it (Pardon me with my language)It's That Bad.Score: 0/10

Gerard D (ru) wrote: This first part of a science fiction-trilogy, based upon a successful manga, can be described as something between Stephen King's 'It', 'Stand By Me', but has the feel of 'Watchmen'. Ingenious and fun to watch. The musical score is haunting too and reminded me of Williams' 'Jaws'score (without the dudum-dudum bit). I heared that part 2 and 3 are a bit of a letdown, but I'm excited anyway.

Lee (jp) wrote: The term "Torture Porn" is used too loosely these days when describing a lot of new gory horror films and unjustly so, but in this case it sums up the film accurately enough. Lots of bloody gore, sex and nudity and bound and gagged females ensues as five friends travelling through asia bump into sadistic Triads who take pleasure in watching westerners die painfully and then indudge in a bit of cannibalism afterwards. Once (or if) you get over the low-budget look of it all the film does get better as it goes along, but the poor actiing is ever-present and is as unconvincing as the supposedly asian backdrop the film is meant to be set in. It does have some pretty sick kills during the last half so gore fans rejoice.

Kevin M (au) wrote: it is a great movie that is worth watching

Tami S (kr) wrote: Quirky, yet entertaining. Stanley Tucci and Ben Kingsley are genius in their roles.

Billy L (ru) wrote: Was flipping thru the channels when I came across this cute dude on HBO so I stopped and started watching it. It's just a cute little sweet flick.

Wade T (nl) wrote: A forgotten little film that features some really good acting but moves along a bit too slow and unfocused to be a really good film. I liked it enough, but it could've been a lot better.

Muffin M (fr) wrote: A self-indulgent private investigator in search of the daughter of a publishing tycoon winds up on a cruise ship full of rich patrons, gorgeous women, murderous terrorists, and scarce food. Stars Jackie Chan, Mike Abbott, Gary Daniels, Chingmy Yau, Leon Lai, Kumiko Goto, Joey Wang and Louis Roth. directed by Jing Wong.

Simon R (it) wrote: Saw this film by chance when I couldn't get into to see the film I had planned to watch, and what a pleasure it was. A warm ensemble piece which is also very amusing. This is a film that deserves to be seen by more people.

Private U (ca) wrote: This is a raw B-movie feel with a strange mix of conventions. A few B-movie gags and alot of horrible 80's cliche dialogue. Yet the backbone of the film is a genuinely horrifying look at the life and trials of prostitutes. The evil pimp is a white cowboy who plays one of the most convincing assholes I've ever seen. The main cop is pretty cookie-cutter, but some of the freak johns make the film worth seeing. Also the music isn't too bad either.

Sarah F (au) wrote: i would like to see this

Neville P (ca) wrote: Funny rom com jokes which are 50 years old. Silly story of an Americans villa which is turned into a hotel

Gus S (au) wrote: The first of many appearances for this Toho kaiju. This film definitely has a much different tone than most Honda monster movies as the monster is not really the villain. The evil-doer here is a greedy businessman from the made up country of Roscilica (otherwise known as America) who kidnaps Mothra's tiny fairy friends. It's not as lame as that sounds but the movie does not have that great of a plot and Mothra??s rampages are limited. Nonetheless, it was a nice change of tone?just don't do it again.

Nguyen Thuy H (ag) wrote: How this drama about suburban boredom morphs into some kind of horror, then into a comic satire against religious and capitalist doctrines is just hilarious. I really can't imagine anyone else capable of doing so besides Ray. What a loaded film.

Cody M (ru) wrote: Despite a weak conclusion, the performances and emotion shines through mannered and effective.

Jacob B (it) wrote: The fight scenes feel like 'Tekken' at times and some moments feel rushed. But just ignore the badly made computer effects and you will see that this is a well made movie that looks and feels exactly like a 'Mortal Kombat' movie should.

Judi L (ca) wrote: Great romantic-ish movie...funny at times, a little sad at times.

Armando B (au) wrote: A good solid action chick flick, all the actors did a great job at their roles, but the story over reacts in some way and takes to the limit. Some parts are cheesy and some of them are like a movie that it suppose to be. The action was well made with spectacular special effects, and Chealsy I don't know what she was doing there???? As that being said for this being a solid romantic comedy, I give "This Means War" a solid C-.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: A little scattershot and unsure of where it's going, but there's some great visuals and atmosphere. Great score and gore, as usual with Fulci, what's with his obsession with eyeball destruction though? Awesome ending.