Tarzan and the She-Devil

Tarzan and the She-Devil

The king of the jungle fights off ivory poachers.

Ivory poachers, headed by Lyra the She-Devil, Vargo and Fidel, capture a native tribe to carry their loot. Tarzan intervenes and is captured. Jane is also captured and believed killed, so ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tarzan and the She-Devil torrent reviews

James (fr) wrote: Worthy sequel, nice progression from the first. Some characters had matured and changed for the better, other were still caught up in the vicious cycle of violence and crime. The revenge and redemption themes also showed Noel Clarke's blossoming repertoire as a director.

Mike B (de) wrote: Terrible script, bad movie, and it has Judd to boot (yay). Sarcasm aside, this sucks.

Darrin C (es) wrote: Nearly as good as the one before with the same comedy style and to see Johnny Witherspoon interact with Don DC Curry is hysterical!

Amy S (au) wrote: One of my fav all time films

william m (au) wrote: I think there are some pretty interesting themes going on here (several that I think The Matrix mirrored), especially during the second half when they're talking about memories and what makes us humans. However, the dialogue is kind of absurd and silly.

Brody M (jp) wrote: If I had a father in Hollywood who was a screenwriter that I hadn't seen in a couple years & there was maybe a chance he'd hook me up, I might move to Hollywood to.I watched this movie just because it had Walter Matthau in it & he was OK I guess but it wasn't all that great.I found Dinah Manoff's character to be annoying & whiny

PT L (gb) wrote: it reminds me of growing up in Lisle with nothing to do but vandalize stuff. But the message is clear: kids needs excitement to stay out of trouble. Good music in it also.

Jackson C (jp) wrote: The Legend of Boggy Creek is an.all time fave! Amazing what a low budget film from the early seventies can still do to haunt the viewer and creep them out! Charming yet scary on several levels of conscience. One of thee great horror/cult films! :-)

Jennifer B (es) wrote: A story about a woman who was always hard to pin down, who decides to settle down with a kind man who loves her and have a child. But, can she stay put? or will she ruin her new life for good with the brooding movie theatre owner? Monroe also has a monor role here as a doe-eyed tomboy who doesn't like getting pushed around.

Lance C (es) wrote: Pretty much the same as ever time I went airsofting in the jungles of Hong Kong.

Michael D (es) wrote: Too much of Jim Gordon's backstory, Not enough of Batman's. Not recommended.

WakeWRC89 (es) wrote: From the cover and the description this film wasnt very appealing. I went on to watch anyhow and how deceiving was it. I really enjoyed this film. Some amazing performances from all the cast. And some very inspiring messages and true to life facts come out of this film. Brilliant.

barbara a (it) wrote: If the movie was good enough to be David's favorite (Prometheus) in "the year of our Lord 2091" it is certainly grand in 2014. I was aware, when I watched the scenes in the desert, if produced today they may try to "animate the desert" to save money. The downward spiraling stages of Lawrence's troubles were mirrored in the reaction of Ali to the ideals that were laid aside. Until Lawrence just gave up any hope of a meaningful end.

Joshua Y (kr) wrote: Not bad, Ryan Reynolds as his per usual. Not an epic movie but entertaining.