Tarzan and the Trappers

Tarzan and the Trappers

Tarzan goes up against a villian by the name of Schroeder, who is trapping animals and selling them illegally to zoos. A twist is thrown into the plot when Schroeder's brother, with the help of money-hungry trader Lapin, hunts a different kind of quarry, human game. Now Tarzan must not only fight to save the animals of the jungle, but he must also save himself.

After dispatching a ruthless hunter who traps animals for gain, he has to contend with his brother who is out for revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy P (us) wrote: Nothing really impressed me about this film including Bening as the titular character.

stefano l (ag) wrote: A great film on the story of a very gifted pianist. Geoffrey Rush is unbelievable in the way he truly seems crazy.

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Lew L (ag) wrote: It's obvious that many critic detractors of this film are ignorant of the atrocities that occurred in mainland China in 1941. Hence the blind rejection of a rather compelling, well acted tale of deceit and justice. All I can tell you is its well worth a look and well worth a lot more than the awful reviews that it has received by the so called professional critics. What do they know anyway?