Tarzan II

Tarzan II

Experience the beginning of the legend with Disney's Tarzan Ⅱ, a hilarious, all-new, animated motion picture loaded with laughs, irresistible new songs by Phil Collins, and the inspired voice talent of Glenn Close, George Carlin, and Emmy Award winner Brad Garrett. Before he was King of the Jungle, Tarzan was an awkward young kid just trying to fit in. When one of his missteps puts his family in jeopardy, Tarzan decides they would be better off without him. His thrilling new journey brings him face to face with the mysterious Zugor, the most powerful force in the land. Together, Tarzan and Zugor discover that being different is not a weakness and that friends and family are the greatest strength of all. This action-packed adventure is sure to delight the entire family. Get ready to GO APE over Disney's wild, new Tarzan Ⅱ.

The tale of Tarzan's misadventures as a boy as he searches for his true identity and the meaning of family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tarzan II torrent reviews

Kevin A (it) wrote: It earnestly worked hard to earn it's 11% rating. Some great actors with an incredibly crappy script. The script isso bad if not for the narration you would be lost. As it gets more reviews the number will descend, so Jason, Olivia and Billy bask in the 11% now!

Tish E (ru) wrote: it sounds interestin enough

Dinesh P (de) wrote: A different kind of rom com wherein the girl helps the boy release his fears. A few more good moments may have classified this film as a master piece. But still a good movie to watch.

Rick D (au) wrote: Way to complicated for such a simple movie

Roland N (jp) wrote: Great movie - must-see. Alex Corrado as the "heavy' very under-rated playing with John McGlone. Danny Aiello - as always one of the best actors - supporting cast exceptional.

ElectricDragon G (mx) wrote: A bit like a live action manga Repo Man. Very entertaining.

Scott C (it) wrote: This series was definitely watchable, especially when I was really into Kung Fu movies, but it's not that memorable.

Kevin M W (au) wrote: fluff like cottoncandy, of interest only to fans of the actors. falk steals every scene he's in, goldblum breathes through his nose a lot as if he's about to say something important and lauper (the main reason for this) has a little fun. mandel and ganz, the writers, have moments of good comic misdirection, too.

Drew G (fr) wrote: I don't know why, I just always really loved this film growing up. I think I just like the idea and the situation. Just the fact Matthau is trying to get Lemmon not to commit suicide--not because he cares about him--but because it will draw attention (and police) to the hotel where he is trying to kill someone else. I think it's a clever premise and some funny parts (an over-the-top scene at a sex addicts hospital) are great and entertaining.

Phillie E (au) wrote: Awful script, awful directing and awful acting.

Matthew C (kr) wrote: Lethal Weapon begins with a young girl jumping off a building, and appearing to commit suicide. But, once new partners Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs begin looking into the case they learn that the girl was actually poisoned and murdered. So, they begin investigating and learn that this case is far more dangerous than they initially thought. Overall. Lethal Weapon is a fun 80s action movie that features two terrific characters, fun action, comedic moments, and times that the film has a more serious tone that make it more than just a cheesy action movie.

Alexander B (us) wrote: It was better than I thought it would be and there are a few good scenes and tense moments. Decent acting from the lead, not as much from the others. I'm kind of tired of generic scifi films where they discover life out there and it ends up turning humans into killing machines. sigh. All that being said, I didn't waste my time (watching it for free on Netflix).

Peter R (it) wrote: One of the worst films I had to endure watching on a quiet night at home. Absolutely hated it. Emma Watson acts like she is collecting a paycheck, the story drags on and ends with a whimper. It's as if everyone involved in this project from the director, writers, and actors knew they were making a piece of sh-- and just gave up. Avoid at all costs.