Tasher Desh

Tasher Desh

The story of a prince who escapes his destiny, the prison of his mind. He lands on a fascist island and incites women to revolt. A psychedelic fantasy about destiny and humanity, social control and Utopian revolution.

The story of a prince who escapes his destiny, the prison of his mind. He lands on a fascist island and incites women to revolt. A psychedelic fantasy about destiny and humanity, social control and Utopian revolution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Loren R (de) wrote: Ein gut gemachter und gut erklrter Film, dass am Rande des dritten Weltkrieges war! Gespickt mit Archivaufnahmen und ab und zu in Schwarzweiss gefilmte Szenen, erinnern an den Zwischenfllen der sogenannten Dreizehn Tage. Die Darsteller sind gut besetzt und auch die schwere Musik untermalt die schwierigen Tage des damaligen Prsidenten. Der Film hat aber kleinere Schwchen, dass es manchmal nicht vorwrts geht und damit einige berlngen hat.Fazit: Fr diese kleine Geschichtsstunde ist die Story gut besetzt. Die Spannung verliert sich aber zwischen den Szenen!

Blake P (kr) wrote: "Wild Things" is Southern melodrama with a taste for the soft core, a piece of fattening garbage fitted with whodunit twistings and film noir undercurrents. It is a steamy, diabolical exploitation movie with a lot in common with "Basic Instinct" and "Body Heat," sexually aggressive thrillers whose erotic characteristics seem to tie in with the more violent things in life. "Wild Things" isn't high entertainment, no, but it has a way with drawing us into its potboiler world of deceit and carnal sweat - it's trash good enough to trick us into thinking that it isn't such. Without its many scenes of Vaseline-on-the-camera, slow-motion, sexy-time fuckery, I imagine it would be more highly regarded as something better than what they play on Showtime after hours. Because, skin flashes aside, this is a credible, involving neo-noir smarter than any middle schooler would have you believe. Matt Dillon portrays Sam Lombardo, a high school guidance counselor living on the wealthier side of Florida. He's a recent winner of the area's "Teacher of the Year" award, with most of the female student body dramatizing their troubles in order to get closer to him; the staff sees him as one of their finest. But he's rather oblivious to the romantic attention that surrounds his persona. Hapless is he to his appeal. Unexpected to him, though, is the downturn his career is about to take. After taking up the slinky Kelly Van Ryan's (Denise Richards) offer to wash his car for charity, he finds himself perplexed that the girl, the most attractive and rich in town, has told the police that he raped her, due to his rebuffing of her come-ons. So he finds himself in the middle of a high-profile lawsuit, only made worse when trailer trash Suzie (Neve Campbell) imitates Kelly's claims and lands him in even hotter water. Local cop Ray Duquette (Kevin Bacon) has an underlying feeling that something is afoot, and without giving away the film's many breathtaking plot twists, he's right. The further I traveled into the dark depths of "Wild Things," the more I found myself frustrated that it has been billed as a sort of quasi-porno for the Skinemax crowd since its release, just for what comes down to about maybe five or six minutes of hot and heavy make out sessions, pre-sex interludes. What's been ignored in the last two decades or so, thanks to scummy man-children who handle sexuality in film like a dog acts around a hamburger, is an ingeniously plotted thriller that would make Brian De Palma proud. I can partially blame the director, John McNaughton, for "Wild Things's" rampant reputation. The film certainly doesn't need to be so sexual, and there's a feeling that he knew simple minded audiences might have trouble staying with such a complicated plot - after all, it's more reliant on dialogue, on intrigue, than most thrillers. Unfortunately, sex sells, and "Wild Things" feels a lot cheaper than it actually is because it squeezes in gratuities for the sake of public attention. But there's much to like here, and I found great enjoyment devouring the many tricks the film has up its sleeves. It's like "Peyton Place," just set in Florida and drowned in a lot more dirt. Dillon makes for an enigmatic anti-hero, and Bacon gets to chew a lot of scenery as the straight-laced cop. I particularly relished Richards and Campbell, who bring the film to deliriously outrageous levels with their lethal combination of wickedness and sultriness. Bill Murray stops by with a hilarious supporting turn as a slimy lawyer. "Wild Things" pushes boundaries left and right, making it more intent on shocking than it is on being confident enough to let its storyline speak for itself. The sexual elements are problematic, but the knowing atmosphere, combined with the breathy punches of the plot, turns it into a special, scrumptious little B-movie treat.

WS W (kr) wrote: Geeky. Smart in places but flaws in parts too.

Naveed A (de) wrote: Another awesome Shahrukh Khan film a one of a trio of great films he did in this period. A great story of unrequited love and revenge.

Teo C (us) wrote: American FBI agent infiltrates the Japanese Yakuza just getting started in the USA. Falls in love and makes friends. Has to deal with serious loyalty and honor issues.

Greg W (de) wrote: good pre-code drama from director frank capra & it was 4 me the last Capra film 4 me 2 c

Eric K (br) wrote: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is as much about humanity as it is about apes. While Andy Serkis shines as Caesar, and Jason Clarke is very good as Malcolm, the movie doesn't give you just that. Gary Oldman is great as Dreyfus, and the actor who plays Koba is nothing short of spectacular. This movie is much more than a simple sci-fi tale; the movie delves into topics that many other films are afraid to talk about such as, "what does it mean to be human?", as well as carrying political and racial undertones. Overall, this movie is far more than meets the eye, with a great cast, exiting action, interesting themes, and the best movie villain in recent memory, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is my favorite film of 2014, and is a movie that I will love and think about for years to come.

Jenna I (ca) wrote: An interesting movie to have come out in 94 but a bit too saccharin for my taste. Natalie Portman did a great job acting but her character bothered me to no end... It could easily be explained that she's over sexed due to her family situation, but Leon's responses felt too arm's length and therefore made the movie feel complicit in sexualizing her. Any self respecting man being hit on by a 12 year old would have had a stronger reaction than him, it's hard to believe he's that naive. Gary Oldman was also too much to be believable. I guess my biggest complaint is this movie starts out as a very grounded and introspective film and betrays itself in maudlin shows of manufactured emotion. I also hated the blown-out look of the film, very 'video'- that aged pretty poorly.

Ryan K (de) wrote: so stupid, I feel ashamed I liked this when I was a kid. Dumb movie