Tässä lepää Aino Koski

Tässä lepää Aino Koski


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Lauren V (fr) wrote: I loved it just, the movie had a lot wrong with it.

Jarrett M (au) wrote: Midnight Movie feels more like a slasher out of the 80's or early 90's rather than being only a couple of years old. There isn't any overly great failures up on the screen in this film, but there aren't any great successes either. This is an average, low budget horror film that has decent acting, writing and effects. The only above average thing going on here is the story, or more specifically, the idea behind the story. It is fairly original in the grand scheme and allows for some interesting situations and set ups. These situations, unfortunately, aren't all that common throughout the film. This is a watchable and mildly entertaining movie, but not one that will impress or amaze. A very mild recommendation for horror fans, but most others should probably stay away.

James M (it) wrote: Love it for it's cheesy value! One of my favourite Marina films. Ridiculous moments, i.e. writing a counter virus on a gameboy, don't really bother me because it's a ridiculous film and that's why I love it.

Gemma L (jp) wrote: Scares me everytime. xx

Bill B (ca) wrote: This is surprisingly the only film in the franchise that I happen to own, due in large part to the involvement of Jet Li as the villain, as his martial arts are just so amazing to watch that I almost wanna root for him over the aging and clunky physicality of our lead Mel Gibson.Great stuff, and well worth the revisit.

Max A (kr) wrote: Soooo good! Classic. Great cameos. One of John Cusack's best characters.

Rita M (it) wrote: highly mooving and sad

william m (ag) wrote: A thrilling time travel concept to explore, that is arguably ruined with awful 90s movie-science explanations.

Wes V (gb) wrote: Very 70's. But Clint Eastwood George Kennedy do justice to the movie. I love the book by trevanin

Julien G (br) wrote: 40 ans plus tard rien a changer.

Stefan G (ru) wrote: Yojimbo is a fine example of a classic film with a far-reaching influence. Yes, it's in black and white, but I can't imagine how the film would look in colour. For me, this is the Japanese equivalent of a Western film, complete with some of the elements that would become associated with Sergio Leone's spaghetti western films. The characters have rich personality, which is brought by skill actors, and Akira Kurosawa's skilled direction. For me, this is a well-done film, with all the elements at the right place. The lead character in particular is worth mentioning as a quintessential anti-hero in a town ruled by feuding factions, none of which are particularly honourable. Also, this is one of those films where the violent action is still entertaining even without gushing streams of blood. If you haven't already seen it, I'd go ahead and see it as soon as possible.

Greg W (nl) wrote: Anti-war film unfortunately never gels, drastically rewriting classic play, but does offer some caustic views of armies training young men to die in war.

Chris C (au) wrote: Executing the perfect blend of scifi-horror and comedy, Big Ass Spider! delivers exactly what the title suggests and solid performances from its leading cast----while playing homage to the 50's creature feature.

Freddie F (it) wrote: "Wish we could just cut down those trees!""Yeah!"

Nick D (kr) wrote: The birth of found-footage horror.~

Richard H (ru) wrote: A brutal and grimy war story about one of the forgotten campaigns of the 2nd World War. Has its appeals but doesnt really cut it, its low budget roods show through.