Taste of Life

Taste of Life

Elvio Battistini works as a ticket taker in the local cinema of the small town where he lives. He has a prosthesis in one leg, the result of an accident, but he tells anyone who will listen it is a war injury. Giuseppe Mondardini, is also an older man living alone in what was the splendid family home. When Elvio and Giuseppe meet, they hit it off immediately. A trip to a cooler area is in order, so Mordardini unveils his ancient automobile.

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Vasco M (ca) wrote: As funny as any American Pie movie has the right to be.

kan T (nl) wrote: izlerken rezervuar kopekleri gibi bir sey izledigini zannediyorsun ama sonuna gelince yedigin kazigi anliyorsun.resmen sonunu cekmeyi unutmuslar.sonrada rollu akitalim gitsin sanat olur demisler.

Peter N (gb) wrote: Surprisingly catchy and entertaining...and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Carol Y (jp) wrote: Powerful, moving and simply amazing movie.

Irena P (au) wrote: very good movie, excellent soundtrack. play the game of finding countless references.

Vinay K (nl) wrote: nice songs coll life comedy aur kya

Gregory T (kr) wrote: You think you know great kid's movies? Well if you don't know La Fete and the Tales for All series, you don't know any damn thing at all. Tommy Tricker stands atop the stack (Bach and Broccoli, Peanut Butter Solution, Young Magician, Great Land of Small, et al), and even above Michael Rubbo's other masterpeice, The Peanut Butter Solution. The great thing about TTatST is that Rubbo casts kids as real kids-- goofy, excitable, werid-- and then pretends that kids in Canada are as obsessed with stamps as he probably is. There's something really sweet and strange about all this, but there's also something unmistakably real. Note: look out for a really young Rufus Wainwright rocking out!

Mike L (nl) wrote: Follows the formula of hard-ass war vet takes groups of teens who have never seen Scared Straight and whips them into a band of crime fighters, out to beat down Miami's drug lords. It is cashing in on the popularity of Miami Vice with the location, clothes, and drugs but this is below the level of all the Andy Sidaris movies, especially due to the lack of cleavage, even with a young Lauren Holly.

yugan m (au) wrote: excellent movie;hesse represented at his best .recommended 4+

Ruth L (au) wrote: This had its moments, but was kinda predictable. Not a bad movie though.

Brandon W (es) wrote: Bring It On is one of those films that I watched a lot because of my sister when I was young. I don't know why I watched it so much with my sister, it just happened. So recently I watched it with my sister because she wanted to watch it and I got time to spare to see it. When I finally finished it, and I know why my sister watches it a lot. Bring It On is a really funny movie that really surprised me. It didn't take itself serious and was just having fun which I like about it. The cast is good and really funny, especially Kirsten Dunst. It did felt like a spoof movie based on the exaggeration of cheerleaders, but that makes it funnier and more well known instead of just your everyday dance movie. With that said, the plot is formulaic, and you would already know who the love interest is. But it's still a fun time to watch Bring It On as it's still a great movie, and I can see where Pitch Perfect has got its influence from.

Roni K (mx) wrote: Best movie everrrrrrrr for metalhead