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Tasty Bits

A delightfully outlandish comic offering where everyone will find a delectable bit.

A delightfully outlandish comic offering where everyone will find a delectable bit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danni B (nl) wrote: this was a weird film the fella went crazy all because the fella pretending to be a woman!! weird trucker lol

Mido M (au) wrote: when u see american war film .you definitley find those heroes who fight on like in video games and you'll reveal their failure become american victory!

Maile M (it) wrote: one of my favs. reminds me of "Jacobs ladder" in a way

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (es) wrote: Pretty funny, sometimes, see it if have time...

Sean C (ru) wrote: This was among the first movies on the Vietnam War and it is a good effort, but marred by some sloppy acting and writing and some strange scenes of soldier disobedience. The soccer match was great, as was the shelling of a phantom enemy position.

Michael T (nl) wrote: House of Dark Shadows (1970) was successful enough to prompt Dan Curtis to direct another big screen adaptation of his popular Gothic Horror afternoon Soap (1966-71). Canadian Shakespearean actor, Jonathan Frid, decided not to reprise the role of Barnabus Collins. As a result, Night of Dark Shadows has a new storyline and is not a rehash of the TV series. David Selby reprises his role of Quentin Collins from the TV series but the character was altered a bit for the movie. Lara Parker reprises her role as the sorceress Angelique from the TV series but the character was, again, altered for the movie (Angelique cursed Barnabus and turned him into a vampire in the TV Soap). Kate Jackson, in her first movie role, plays Quentin's wife, Tracy Collins. She had played a different character on the TV series and The Rookies, Charlies Angels, Scarecrow and Mrs. King and a host of TV movies lay ahead of her. Quentin inherits Collinswood Manor after Elizabeth Stoddard-Collins passed away following the events of the previous movie; like Jonathan Frid, Joan Bennet chose not to be in this picture. Abstract artist Quentin movies in with new bide Tracy and immediately feels like he has been to Collinswood before. Soon he starts having nightmares, dreaming of events that occured during the life of his ancestor, Charles Collins, who Quentin resembles. Sinister housekeeper Carlotta Drake (Grayson Hall) knows more about what is happening than she is letting on. As with House of Dark Shadows, I found that Curtis's pacing was slow. There are fewer charaters than in the previous film but the plot still seems to overwhelm the story at times. curtis does excell at maintaing a creepy atmosphere. Its Spring in New England but Collinswood seems very cold and isolated. Though House of Dark Shadows did enjoy a VHS release, Night has been unavailable on any home video format until its recent Blu-Ray release. Like House, its worth a look if you are a genre fan.

Brandon W (br) wrote: Catch Me If You Can is directed by Steven Spielberg, and it stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, and Christopher Walken in a biographical dramedy about Frank Abagnale Jr's life about being someone that he's not, like an airline pilot, a doctor, and a prosecutor back in the 1960s. I feel like after watching some of Adam Sandler films, it'll be time for a break and watch something else, like Catch Me If You Can for example, which is an excellent film. Leonardo DiCaprio gives a terrific performance that I'm glad that he got nominated for an Oscar, and Christopher Walken too which surprised me. Tom Hanks usually does a great job in terms of his acting, and Amy Adams in her early role is impressive of acting like the type of girl in the 60s. The writing by Jeff Nathanson is well written that I got know about Frank Abagnale Jr, his father, his mother, and Carl Hanratty. The movie does a good job of showing that even when Frank does the illegal stuff, he's still just a kid, and with his backstory, he goes through an emotional time. The score by John Williams is very different from his usual in the way that he used Jazz in this, and it really makes the film feel and sound classier. Catch Me If You Can is a very entertaining film that I really haven't seen films that show the bad and good side of a criminal.

James G (ca) wrote: Just don't try to think too hard, k? Average horror movie, nothing to write home about. btw-so glad Stan Kirsch decided to cut that hair! Now he's a hottie!