Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila

Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila


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Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila torrent reviews

Patrick S (fr) wrote: Not as good as the first one. Tony Jaa got a little chubby

David S (kr) wrote: Con Dax Shepard esperaba algo mas bobo jackass-wanna-be-Rom-Com pero no, es otra cosa. Un amirada intima a la relacion de una pareja que todo esta bien, pero algo falta asi que deciden hacer un experimento y tratar de ligarse cada quien a alguien mas, ser libres por una noche sin preguntas ni juicios de ningun tipo......... y aqui entra el dicho de La curiosidad mat al gato.Y como mejor no lo pudo decir alguien:"The story of a Jackass who doesn't appreciate what he has? Yeah many ppl will love this, and will take their wives to see it and check theirreactions." +1000 haha

Gwen D (ag) wrote: If you like TMBG, watch it. If you don't, skip it. 'Nuf said...

Pansy G (ru) wrote: I really loved this biopic. It was engaging and dramatic at all moments and even made me cry.

Timm S (jp) wrote: Has Some Quite Funny Moments Where The 'Fish Out Of Water' Really Hits It..But As This Is Not Always On The Mark The Idea Quickly Wanes Away.

Ryan G (ru) wrote: This movie just has a really good mood to it. Its a darker movie that has some really funny moments. This mostly comedic cast does an excellent job at making some very strange situations very funny and real. Kevin James and Ray Ramano are the two perfect people for this movie, just two regular guys who some how got in the middle of a really awful situation. This is a movie that if seen in the wrong mood can destroy it, but if you watch this movie excpecting something just a little wierd and a little different, I think most people will be in for a pleasent surprise.

p b (ca) wrote: A sad story but really, really good acting. It's well worth a look. But it's best to be prepared for it, it's a dark one.

Anthony F (it) wrote: I hate this movie. I truly do. BD Wong is singing opera in American flag underwear? No...Still...I'll give it 5 stars so some other unassuming person will go out and have to watch this. Have fun Suckers! Buy My Waffles!

Marnie Z (it) wrote: A boring, downer sort of movie.

Jason M (au) wrote: Probably one of the worst movies I have ever paid to see in a theatre (on a date). This film was disjointed with an overall horrible script. The acting is horrible despite a stellar cast. The viewer is not vested whatsoever. What's worse is there is no relation to Kafka, other than the style is Kafka-esque. No wonder this was the first of a series of Soderbergh bombs.

Simon M (ru) wrote: Heartbreaking. This made a grown man want to cry. Superb, but I don't think I can bring myself to watch it again.

Francisco F (br) wrote: Partant du projet de faire un deuxieme A bout de souffle (d'ou le titre), JLG fait tout a fait autre chose... Et on l'en remercie, puisqu'il choisit judicieusement de s'attaquer a une question de son temps : le rapport entre television et politique, qui lui permet, au passage, de definir ce qu'est une machine. On ne le dira jamais assez : tous les chemins menent a Godard.

Greg W (br) wrote: like another 'archie bunker" this film marks the screen debut of susan sarandon

Jason B (fr) wrote: pretty cool mexican film (directed by Anton Chigurh's uncle) that is neorealist on one end and hitchcockian thriller on the other. the ending seems pretty out of place.

Mitch l (ru) wrote: Ace is back in action, this time in search of the sacred white bat. This sequel I can say is better done and actually funnier than the first movie. I laughed pretty good at parts. Just wish it was a tad shorter, but a good stupid comedy for sure.