Animated film based on the life and stories of Manga writer Yoshihiro Tatsumi who revolutionised the art form with darker, more adult stories. The film animates several of his stories

A story based on the life and short stories of Yoshihiro Tatsumi, a mangaka known for his gekiga style of alternate Japanese manga. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayden H (es) wrote: Liked it till they came to the part to having Terry Crews dancing and Michael C. Hall acting like a wanna beBruce Lee

AD V (fr) wrote: Lake Flaccid 2 is nothing more than typical SciFi Channel garbage with the worst CG I've seen since...well since the last SciFi Channel movie.

Jonathan W (es) wrote: The plot suffers from a severe case of SitCom disease. The opening sets up that dad needs help translating a document, and it is clear the mermaid will do this at the end of the movie. The bulk of the time is spent in a frozen plotless in-between state.

Ken S (ag) wrote: Michael Dougherty's Halloween Anthology Extravaganza is a solid way to spend a October evening. There is some good gore, some humor, and plenty of Halloween scares and goofiness to enjoy. There are about four stories that sort of intertwine and all take place on Halloween night in the same town, and they weave in and out of each other, which is a fairly fun way to do it, and the recurring character of Sam is a cool little monster. Fun Halloween stuff!

Ali S (ru) wrote: This one's got puppies and Don Knotts. It's super cheesy but, as a kid's movie, it works. I enjoyed watching this with my son. While completely predictable, it's simplicity is enjoyable. It's funny, especially B-Dawg with his gangsta-puppy expressions like, "It's off the chain." Air Buddies is a feel good movie that isn't annoying. That earns it an average rating of three stars.

Evil E (es) wrote: The most simple and yet original zombie movie ever.

Zak J (jp) wrote: The real Survivorman. Bear Grylls can't even hold a candle to this guy!

Bernadete the Bullet lol M (es) wrote: this film is definatly tear full,but still i love dogs and i am a big fan of scotland cus its set in scotland so plz see it !!!

Charles S (fr) wrote: about time I got around to seeing this. so much better than pitch perfect

Narelle B (es) wrote: i liked this! Made me laugh! Very surprised i enjoyed it as much as i did as I'm no John Travolta fan - nice enough guy but he's been in some dog films

Eliabeth M (kr) wrote: Mrs. Bruce: God forbid one day you have a son like you, Jeremiah. A boy who lies through his teeth, buys demonic records, and smokes the dope!Detroit Rock City es una pelcula entretenida y que me mantuvo con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja durante toda su duracin, y no debera tomarse con algo serio. Es simplemente divertida con situaciones ridculas que no tienen sentido alguno, pero que te hacen rer por esas mismas razones. Hawk, Lex y Trip son un grupo de amigos que son fanticos de KISS, y hasta tienen una banda tributo. La mam de Trip no est feliz con esto, ya que es super religiosa y considera a esa msica producto se Satans. El grupo decide ir a el concierto de KISS, pero desde el principio se les dificulta cuando la mam de Trip consigue las entradas y las quema enfrente de l. Ah empieza toda esta odisea para poder ir al mejor concierto de todas sus vidas, y de lo que son capaces de hacer para conseguirlas. El soundtrack de esta pelcula es genial, y es la manera perfecta de recordar a los 70s ya que tiene toda esa vibra, desde la ropa, a las actitudes, y recordar con nostalgia esa poca aunque no la viv, pero me dieron ganas de haberlo hecho.

Bill B (de) wrote: The single survivor of a mass suicide cult wakes from a 13 year coma to find herself haunted by the burned visage of the cult leader, who wants her to join them.The film never seemed to nail down what rules it was playing by, and the final reveals about the villain may be more complicated than necessary, but it does feature a few decent creepy momentsRental.

Liam M (br) wrote: 5.3/10Star Trek the Motion Picture is an average film that... zzzzzzzzz

Michael M (de) wrote: Beyond beautiful on every possible level.

Alejandro R (es) wrote: Una bazofia de pelcula!

Andy B (au) wrote: I thought this was a good sports film and film in general. The acting was good and it felt very realistic. However, it got a bit slow at times. I would probably watch it again. 7.5/10