Tausend Ozeane

Tausend Ozeane

Five friends spend their holidays on a faraway island in the sea. On the last day of the holidays, out of the blue, Björn informs his friends that he will not return home but intends to ...

Five friends spend their holidays on a faraway island in the sea. On the last day of the holidays, out of the blue, Björn informs his friends that he will not return home but intends to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mallory A (es) wrote: Crichton has done more interesting projects. This has no meat.

Laurent D (ru) wrote: Enfin on peut poster quelque chose sur ce "film", sont un peu lent en ce qui concerne les films franais !!! Des fois on va voir des films pour faire plaisir a des gens. Des fois on se dit qu'on aurait pas du.

Ethan L (jp) wrote: Top 10 Worst Movies Ever Made. F-

Joy E (ca) wrote: interesting but in the deep way sort of lame

Alek P (au) wrote: Un trs bon film! Un vrai casse tte du dbut la fin avec des nouvelles surprises chaque 5 minutes. Compar d'autres films, comme le minable Mmoires Affectives, qui traitent du mme thme si souvent abord (la recherche d'identit du peuple qubcois), celui-ci est trs subtil et ne tombe dans les clichs usuels qu? de rares occasions (videment le pre est absent et la mre est une antchriste). Les acteurs principaux sont trs convaincants, surtout Jean-Pierre Cassel, sublime dans un rle muet et presqu?immobile.

D c (es) wrote: One of the best movies of the 2000s. He is witty, charming, daring, and you get to be in on the joke. Fantastic film.

Kristine L (kr) wrote: It was light, cute and refreshing. I have forgotten how wonderful and easy to watch 2000s movies were.

Phil H (es) wrote: The first Carpenter remake released in 05, the year of the Carpenter remakes. Amazingly this isn't a shot for shot remake but actually a reasonable attempt at something slightly different. Must give kudos to the script writer/s for trying a new angle with the plot to add a touch of originality.Its pretty much the same type of film as before accept this time the cops and crooks holed up within Precinct 13 are against crooked cops who want one of the convicts inside dead. Nice twist.You don't really expect that to be honest, I just expected the same old thing with a load of gang thugs but this adds a new dimension. The fact its a whole team of crooked cops led by the nasty Byrne is really good. Bryne merely stands around and sneers a lot ordering his men to do stuff, but his presence really boosts the bad guys, faceless no more.The good guys are now of course a group of big names but the choices are OK. Hawke is the Sgt in charge of the station and Dennehy is the cliched fat old moustached vet cop, whilst Fishburne leads the bad guys with Leguizamo doing another good twitchy gun nut.On one hand this is a fun film, plenty of decent action, pretty violent, good visuals and good performances from the main leads. On the other hand it does get silly in places, very predictable of course and feels like they are trying too hard. I did wonder if they were having a swearing competition throughout, how many times can you say f*ck!?, as if that will make the film better saying it a hundred times.The main issue is the simple plot point of a small group of convicts and beat cops up against a crack team of elite cops. Not just dumbass thugs but fully suited special ops type guys, yet they can't seem to crack this band of misfits, all of them end up getting killed! so much for elite cops huh.This is a fairly decent action romp I can't deny, stupid in places and with a slightly lame finale but its fun to watch. A slightly different beast to the original which is good but at the same time you lose the mystery and suspense of the original. The unknown lurking shadows in the bushes of the originals bad guys.There is a lot of stuff which has been tossed in here to flesh the whole thing out a bit more. Trying to make the film feel more of a serious Hollywood action thriller but its all pointless and not required, the beginning sequence especially. Think of this as a venture into 'Die Hard 2' territory, snow included.

Christopher J (it) wrote: Okay, THIS is my favorite Corbucci film. It's very modern and ahead of its time, it has a great rock soundtrack, the cast is a bunch of fun, and it's got Jack Palance as a stoner "man in black" bad guy! This movie rules! :D

Ryan C (es) wrote: wasnt bad some good scenes

mike h (mx) wrote: What can I say about this movie, its awesome, I am really sick of watching new movies they bore me and most of the time they really suck. However for some reason I loved this one so much going on so many cool actors. I could be here all day, the list is very long. However I will just focus on one right now Janet Mcteer, she blew me away, I don't think I have ever seen such an amazing performance as an older woman hitwoman ever, she should get an oscar for this performance, I almost wish she had a series around this one character. She is amazing in this role, I wish she had more roles like this one, this movie is another rare gem I just came across by accident. I am seriously jonesing and crushing on Mcteer as a hitwoman kicking ass through a movie, its nice to see an older female actor pull off such an icredible performance, she really stole the show for me, I can't wait to watch her in something else.

Nicholas W (br) wrote: one of my favorite movie

Vuong B (it) wrote: one of the best pixar movies ever

Lee M (de) wrote: It's a mixed bag of supernatural terror that gains momentum as its loosely connected quartet of scenarios unfolds.