Amidst a backdrop of growing violence and intimidation, independent cab drivers struggling against a consolidated juggernaut rally around hot-tempered Matt Nolan. Nolan is determined to keep competition alive on the streets, even if it means losing the woman he loves.

Independent cab drivers struggling against a taxi company consortium find a leader in Matt Nolan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon P (br) wrote: WWE's Kane is tailor made to play a brutal psychopath but it's the Twisted Twins' (Jen & Sylvia Soska) sick 'n' slick direction that makes this slasher sequel fun viewing.

bill s (ca) wrote: Nice story that has the feel of a Hallmark channel movie except for the terrific performances of the leads(Cromwell in particular).

Phil H (it) wrote: The Mike Tyson story this could be, Mr Chambers (Rhames) goes to jail for an accusation of rape and becomes an even bigger media typhoon than he was before. At first I didn't think much of the film to be honest, it was cliched and kinda boring really plus Rhames as 'Chambers' was an annoying character who you wanted to see beaten.I soon discovered that my feelings towards Chambers actually fuelled my enjoyment as the film continues and Snipes character 'Monroe' comes into play. The tense build up between the two up to the obvious finale does get you going. Lets not get over excited here this is your typical 'Rocky-ish' story with all the usual characters, dialog and scenes, not original but a good beat em up when the fists fly. The final fight is well done and you do feel the blows as Snipes and Rhames match up and sweat over each other, I'm pretty sure Rhames would win in a real fight though as he looks pretty darn solid.

Vadim D (it) wrote: Robert Downey Jr. is phenomenal in this role and the film managed to keep me entertained even after repeat viewings. Sure, the biopic is fairly straightforward and conventional, but it still does its' job and serves a purpose.

Troy F (nl) wrote: Above The Law helms Steven Seagal as a cop that won't back down from taking on a drug cartel after the FBI mysteriously orders him and his unit to back down. This is Seagal playing the tough, unstoppable force that made him an action star, but unlike many of his later films, he shows off some genuinely fine acting chops that shows a real drive and genuine concern for the issues explored in the film, and this film isn't just some dumb action-driven plot either. This film has a grounded plot that may seem cliche at first, but delves deep enough to feel justified and worth telling as something simple is revealed to be linked to so much more. Andrew Davis would go on to direct The Fugitive five years later, but his competence in filmmaking shines enough here, even if it isn't terribly memorable. It is one of Seagal's best films if that counts.

Erin B (au) wrote: Well, I found the last one to be a little bit weird (or maybe I was just tired at that point), but it was fun to see Jane Fonda and Brigitte Bardot, even if it was gross that Jane Fonda's character was attracted to Peter Fonda's. Sick.

Greg W (de) wrote: lancaster delivers the goods in this bio-pic

Private U (gb) wrote: I didn't see all of it, but what I saw was decent.

Charlotte H (au) wrote: Worst movie I have ever seen

Simon C (ag) wrote: Dull and unlikeable, as are the characters. Spare yourself.

Molly R (ca) wrote: A funny look at gender roles.

Adrian B (kr) wrote: The film is quite amazing in my opinion. The colour is great, the special effects are incredible, Cooper and Bergman are great, and the opening scene is one to note on. The part were Cooper and an associate blow up the train is amazing. I was impressed by this film and its special effects.