Taxi 2

Taxi 2

A cabdriver and a cop race to Paris to rescue a love interest and the Japanese minister of defense from kidnappers.

Daniel rushing a pregnant woman to the hospital in his souped cab through the streets of Marseilles. Meanwhile, taciturn cop Emilien finally passes his driving test after flunking 27 times in a row. The action really gets rolling when blonde bombshell police woman Petra gets kidnapped on the toilet by ninjas and added to their collection of hostages, including the Japanese minister of defense. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tate E (br) wrote: Honest humorous and heartfelt. The 3 H's you need in a movie. It's not the in your face faith that Kirk Cameron and crew put out. This movie puts forth the mess a kid having a faith crisis has in a respectable but believable way. First xtian film that is willing to reflect reality and I appreciate that. This is one review that isn't forced, just to get it in the public eye for non-believers. Nor is it that type of movie. Though a few more to enjoy the movie wouldn't hurt either.

Richard G (jp) wrote: weird, creative, intelligent, humourous and well worth your time, this is sure to be a cult classic and quick. the room scenes are bizarre to say the least but the comedy derived from them is nothing short of genius. watch this if you want something VERY different.

Jin Z (fr) wrote: A bit too dramatic. Besides, Dev is a complete narcissistic selfish jerk who treats women badly, and is irresponsible for himself as well. However, the film does show a different side of India and this unique group of privileged cosmopolitan/international Indian youth.

Mark B (gb) wrote: it was either this or There will be blood which for reasons unknown i keep puttin' off. Why oh why oh why did i watch Shank?! I'm going to hell for sure...

Alexander C (de) wrote: May watch...

Tom B (ag) wrote: Moving on, this one tonight opens with a shot that seems totally ripped from All That Heaven Allows as the camera descends once again into small town America. Once again it's a cynical take, akin in some ways to Sirk, though turning on different themes. This time Mamet is uprooting the hypocrisy at the heart of the nation, but counterbalancing it against the evils of the film business. Cynical? Mamet? And yet this charming film is almost too cute at times, for here Mamet finds the value of love to be a worthy goal to champion, no doubt because Rebecca is the leading lady, and I do believe this was the one where they fell in love? Or close to it? Alec Baldwin is a scream, Philip Seymour Hoffman is adorable, William Macy is fantastic and so is David Paymer. It's an all around clever satire, delivers Mamet's familiar message of irony, sans the virtuosity of Glengarry Glen Ross, or the dark bite of Homicide, or the crucial apprehension of value at the pinpoint moment of Red Belt. This is a genial comedy in the Horatian mode, an American Day For Night, worth the time and periodic re-watching. A rarity for Mamet because of the unabashed affection at the heart of it, and the warm and agreeable glow of love that suffuses almost every scene.

Joe M (jp) wrote: Problem Child 2 is much of the same awfulness, with bad acting, stupid unfunny jokes, and a pointless premise.

Bob S (ru) wrote: Just a fun little movie!

Tim S (br) wrote: There are actually a couple of different versions of the early 80's cable classic Super Fuzz floating around out there, but the one that's the most prominently available is the version entitled Super Snooper, which contains its own theme song, extended scenes and alternate dialogue. If you haven't seen this little gem, do yourself a favor and get a copy of it. This is insanely cheesy cop flick goodness with a side of ridiculousness. It's one of those movies that's so bad that it's good, and I can totally understand why it was a lot of folks' favorite film when they were kids. Everything from talking to fish, telekinesis, unnatural strength - you name it, he's got it. This movie is ridiculously fun, and if you can check your brain at the door, you'll enjoy it.

Scott J (de) wrote: Almost comically bad at times, which is a shame, because it could've been really good.

Spookie M (mx) wrote: Blaxploitation spin on gangster movies of the 30's and 40's filmed in bombed out Harlem of the 70's with a funky soundtrack by James Brown and directed by Larry Cohen. This is tougher, meaner and less cartoony than a lot of it's counterparts.

james H (jp) wrote: This is by far one of the most powerful movies i've seen in my entire life. I don't think I can iterate the impact this has had on me emotionally.

Michael H (mx) wrote: Once again, I'm clearly in the minority of opinion on this "masterpiece." Yet I won't sway in deference of what I was "supposed" to have found either moving or intellectually stimulating since Germany Year Zero is neither one. Which is disappointing, as I've wanted to see the film for well over six years. The film is about the aftermath of World War II on Berlin, specifically a young boy who finds himself in a moral dilemma concerning how to take care of his sick father. An old pedophilic sick fuck plays into his decision in ways I'll leave for you to discover. My major problems with the film are that it's not shot well, it's not acted well, it's not written well, and the final scene (that got the movie its reputation) is phony, ultimately rendering the film not important but lubrigous. Why has this movie survived for so long? It certainly hasn't to the general public, for whom the upcoming Tron will have no problem entertaining. It has to academics, though, who seem still inexplicably in a love affair with World War II. If a movie evokes the "social problems" or "politics" or, fuck, "ethos" of WW 2, than by gum, it must be a good one. Germany Year Zero has all of those things on the surface, but it doesn't dramatize the social problems or politics of the aftermath of WW 2 in any compelling way (Fassbinder did that stuff much better 30 years later.) And the film is too oddly melodramatic to be moving, and the old teacher is shown a little too much to lose the suggestiveness of creepiness and just becomes creepy. Surely I'm wrong as I'm not taking into account the foreground of despair against the backdrop of tragedy, but ugh. Year Zero gets a 1 for effort, and because Facebook doesn't allow me to give a Zero.