Taxi, an Encouter

Taxi, an Encouter


"Taxi, an encounter" marks debut of Gabriela David in the direction, and this is very favorable for the national cinematography. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Taxi, an Encouter torrent reviews

Sherry H (it) wrote: Beyond terrible, I was waiting for something, anything to make this movie worth the 81 mins. I've had more satisfying poops.

Steven M (fr) wrote: What a shape shifter this movie is. Arang opens as a ghost story, morphs into a police procedural, then takes brief turns as an emotive chick flick and an art-house film before a final finish as once again a ghost story. There seems to be a plot tying it all together, but damn if I could follow it.A big part of the problem was the decision to cast notably attractive and distinctly young actors into every role (there's just one middle-aged actor in the entire cast) and to coif them all in the same hair styles. When every character is young, comely, has dark brown eyes and straight black hair, i.e., looks like every other character in the movie, it's hard for the undiscerning Western eye to follow who's who. And when you can't keep track of the characters, it's real hard to follow the plot.

Hadrien S (jp) wrote: C'est vraiment tres tres con et divertissant. C'est un peu la formule des Scary Movies, mais en suivant la trame de Psychose d'Hitchcock. Pour ceux qui en on marre de voir "la scene de la douche" revisite encore et encore et qui veulent un peu d'humour !

Jeffery T (kr) wrote: Ah yes... "the future on rollerskates" ... if you NEED to see a future on rollerskates movie see the original version of RollerballMore interesting for who is in it than the movie itself.

Kevin K (nl) wrote: A truly wretched film with almost no redeeming features. I knew in advance that this was not a good movie, but what I had heard didn't prepare me for its utter awfulness. And it makes me wonder whether Francis Ford Coppola is actually a great director or just a mediocre director who by luck made some great films. I genuinely wish I had not seen this film.

Jamie B (ca) wrote: While the film is undeniably dark and tragic, there is also something strangely beautiful and pure in this love story.