Taxidi sti Mytilini

Taxidi sti Mytilini


After 20 years in Paris, an inheritance brings Kostas back to his hometown Mytilini. Thats where he will meet again with a young girl who he firstly met in France, and his relatives bringing back memories of his childhood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Taxidi sti Mytilini torrent reviews

Katherine C (us) wrote: ???????? so amazing. I cried so much and so did all my friends.

Andres V (jp) wrote: Buena pelcula sobre el ego de muchos escritores y el mundo en el cual se refugian para tratar de crear cosas de inters pblico, cosas con valor que sobresalgan del tumulto. Gran papel de Jason Schwartzman y de Elisabeth Moss para este buen guin de Alex Ross Perry.

Gary B (kr) wrote: inconsistent but still kept me engaged

Johnny S (au) wrote: Excellant Film The Best

Robert R (de) wrote: Simply Tiffany Twisted, Gotta Give It To Those Aussies, Haha

Private U (gb) wrote: Count on Steven Seagal to suck ad infinitum.

Tsubaki S (au) wrote: Movies like this should made mexican cinema illegal.

Anand K (us) wrote: Standard Hollywood cliche-both the Black Guys die.

Russell G (es) wrote: It's not a bad story and the cast is all pretty great. The problem is it was decided at some point that this was a comedy. It's not all that funny, and the stupid shit ragtime music that blasts over the "funny" bits complete take you out of the film. The 70's where really crap for this.

Mishal W (nl) wrote: better than i thought

Ted M (jp) wrote: Much better than anticipated, strong performances all around. A well scripted and shot, thoughtful look upon the times to be shortly at hand then. Depending on your view, it can be very self serving to america at the time, or it my be a very gripping and a strongly uplifting film about human nature and the powers belonging to acceptance and optimism. This film, despite the content and much to the director/casts credit, seems to lack the cheesyness of most of the similar films of the period. I would largly own this up to the fluid and seemingly candid acting of Betty Field and the young girl, and Freddy March's strong but not overbearing performance. Easily one of my favorite films; being in my opinion one of the best films of the "war era", and I would anticipate it being one of yours as well.

Darryl S (fr) wrote: A leisurely paced, haunting masterpiece. Stupendous acting by Spacek and Duvall! This film is like a diaphanous piece of lace blowing in the wind.... Mesmerizing stuff!

House M (gb) wrote: One of the best mystery films, that only Alfred can pull out, ever made. If you have the opportunity to watch in a big screen, go for it, you really feel the heights better. I will never forget the Vertigo tree scene, that inspired "La Jete". I remember when I saw it for the first time, I was probably 13-14, and how it made me wonder about life. Amazing. A must see, on my top 20 best films, and on my top 10 mystery flicks.