After a homocide that the police believe is over gasoline theft, a tax investigator discovers the Russian mafia is involved and that they are stealing millions in gasoline tax money. Only one rookie cop is willing to believe him and together they must get the evidence they need or die trying.

A tax investigator chasing a tax evader stumbles over a series of bloody murders and gets involved in an investigation with a rookie cop despite his boss' orders to stay out of the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Taxman torrent reviews

Jaime R (ag) wrote: Helen Mirren is the spotlight of this spectacle.

Jim B (nl) wrote: A unnecessarily long movie, but if you stick with it you'll realize just how original and awesomely dark and funny this movie is.

Andrew S (de) wrote: Campion gives a grand effort and I applaud her for not downplaying the influential role of Fanny Brawne had upon the brilliance of John Keats (his poems to the audiences aid and benefit are quoted extensively throughout the film) during the early 19th century, but the pacing and dramatic jumps in time as a film are difficult to recover from.

Vaibhav W (us) wrote: For a film which runs just over 78 minutes, this is pretty slow. It is very Babel-esque and decent metaphorical references throughout the story of three main characters!

joey b (gb) wrote: Action pack with a decent story line

Private U (it) wrote: SICK SHIT! would you like to a movie with a little extra *bad feelings* ,then this is for you.

Jude P (gb) wrote: One of the most beautiful movies ever made.

Christine D (br) wrote: Not as good as the first one but the acting and storyline was okay.


Kenny O (br) wrote: Ryan Reynolds great job!

Kevin M (kr) wrote: How seldom it is to see such a high quality film with such a low budget. Every actor puts in a terrific performance, and I absolutely loved Matthew Fox, of the show Lost (my all-time favorite TV show) and his character. The best part of Bone Tomahawk is how unpredictable it is. The writing and the plot itself are top notch and the makeup/ blood effects are sickeningly realistic. This film is violent on an entirely different level from all other horror movies, mainly at the end. The final 45 minutes is breathtaking and intense, and the 135 minute running time is fully paid off. It's a shame that this gem went unnoticed at the box office, because this is one of the best westerns I've ever seen.