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Chanel B (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed watching this film, it showed an honest prospective of parenting and proved that you do are not always have to be a good mom, sometimes you can be a BAD MOM!

Camilo d (us) wrote: Fome y poco original, un par de situciones inesperadas salvan el rato.

Lynn H (ca) wrote: Enlightening documentary of the Rise and Fall of Bobby FischerJust wish there was more discussion of his schizophrenic behavior

Rachel J (gb) wrote: It was ok, thought it would be better

Lesley N (us) wrote: Documentary about graffiti artists and their motivation, why they do what they do. Rather than just show New York, this one goes across the world, covering different pieces and different artists in Toykyo, Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Hamburg, London and shows how the different cultures and different cities influence their work.. Fascinating, entertaining and reasonably even handed view of the origins, development and politics of graffiti, and some beautiful art too, though I guess that depends on your personal view - is it artistic expression or unfettered vandallism? Included are some telling shots of giant billboards to make you ponder over the acceptability of mass corporate advertising in cities, when throwing up a colourful tag can get you arrested.

Konrad A (fr) wrote: This is a true story I was not a fan of the movie. But I did like where it took place and I like the dogs I thought they looked nice. So it was just a ok movie I think. But see what you think!!

Private U (ca) wrote: Crawled along at a snail's (or turtle's) pace taking too many detours along the way. The main character is witty and lovely (though definitely not without faults) but the script is too wobbly to make the story coherent and interesting enough to really care about what happens to her.

Kimberly K (ca) wrote: Very good! and Wes Craven directs it which had me like "say what?"

Matt O (ag) wrote: Such a wonderfully enjoyable film - unabashedly romantic, but in a sweet, melancholy way. Reminds you of lazy Sundays, vague recollections and the contentment of two soulmates in silence. Okay, corny like this review, yes, but still... rather pleasant, no? Maybe that's because San Antonio plays such a character in the film. Great, subtle soundtrack too. I don't know if it critically deserves 4 stars, but I'd like to think so....

Ash E (kr) wrote: Great RomCom! Every character makes you laugh so hard. Loved it.

Matt K (us) wrote: Pretty consistenly amusing, although pretty light too. Lillian Gish is clearly having a good time in her small role, and the last 10 minutes or so are really hilarious. Also Bob Hoskins. This movie could have used a bit of a punch-up with the script or maybe about 10 minutes trimmed from it to quicken the pace a little bit. I did enjoy myself though.

Paulysses H (ru) wrote: A consolatory prize for Selleck for losing the role of Indiana Jones, this movie imitates its feel with none of the genius of execution. That said it's still a damn sight better than most of the 80s Indy imitators. Selleck is also likable and convincing in the role of lovable rogue. Good for a quiet afternoon, though beware the low budget action.

Jason M (br) wrote: It's as if Terrence Malick directed a T and A flick.

Jobin B (fr) wrote: impressive performance by Al Pacino!

Jose P (ru) wrote: Awful awful awful awful awful awful awful awful.It's 60's counter-culture for today's Disney tweens.Awful awful awful.

Nicholas A (fr) wrote: I just watched this and it's gold. Fuck the MPAA for giving movies X or NC-17 ratings just for showing a little vagina. It makes the movie more beautiful and much more graceful and meaningful. Very primal, makes the experience better.

Steve N (us) wrote: Decent movie. It has some good skateboarding and a good theme too.

Tanner S (it) wrote: The grinch looks kinda scary.

Ryan E (de) wrote: The first shrek movie was good, but when you reach four sequels, you wonder why the voice actors for the characters haven't gone mad.

Tarn G (mx) wrote: very funny and cute.