A lyrical documentary that follows three adolescent brothers as they journey through one night in New Orleans, encountering a vibrant kaleidoscope of dancers, musicians, hustlers, and revelers parading through the lamplit streets. The filmmakers fully immerse us into the New Orleans night, passing through many lively and luminous locations and introducing us to the people who make the city their home.

A documentary that follows three brothers as they discover the scenes of late-night New Orleans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tchoupitoulas torrent reviews

William B (br) wrote: I'd say it was okay at best...... I expected a LOT worse....

Dustin I (us) wrote: The fourth outing is magical stuff! It leaves you wanting more!

Andy P (es) wrote: Good throughout...but ending is what gets you right in the heart...

Brandon S (br) wrote: 16 Years of Alcohol tries so hard to be something it isn't like A Clockwork Orange and Trainspotting. What the film is some sort of film with an identity crisis being about a man with a troubled childhood that's grows into some type of hate group member. Weak finish with average acting, good direction, but a horrible soundtrack.

Official C (br) wrote: "Whale Rider" has an emotional and powerful story. The only problem with this film is that, because the film doesn't give you much background of New Zealand cultures, and if you don't know much about it, you will be slightly puzzled in some places.

Sophie M (ag) wrote: Great line of actors, awesome movie.

Jake S (de) wrote: funny, yet retarded as all hell

Tomas T (de) wrote: Heart warming story of a teacher who is idolized by his students. Madadayo might not be Kurosawas best movies, as it lacks in the story side, but it excels as a biography movie, as only Kurosawa can manage to create a intresting movie about your regular high school teacher.

ROXY G (de) wrote: Despite the good acting it's a pretty bad movie...It seems lame, despite some meaningful messages it may point out to...

caprice c (kr) wrote: Stella plays a woman who is desperate to get married and to get rich, she seen marrying Arnold, but wait he is in the casket, there is a burial and a Will. One by one they are picked off but by whom and why. This is a dark comedy not made for the timid of heart, but it is not gory.

Heather M (ca) wrote: I am going to skip this one.

Joseph O (fr) wrote: I generally don't like Bill Murray and am not a fan of most of his movies (sorry!), but I do like this one. The scenes where he wakes up everyday to that Sonny and Cher song and goes crazy and his reactions are the best parts of the movie and are genuinely funny. The character development of how Murray is a grouch at the beginning of the movie and how he transitions into a more caring character is interesting. I don't know.. how the movie slowly but surely transitioned into a 'rom com' really, really bugged me. The movie shouldn't have been how he got together with Andie MacDowell (whose I personally couldn't stand). It deserved better.