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Luke B (us) wrote: The film is relatively well made. I never doubted the existence of these ravens, nor their animosity towards humans. It was well shot and had some decent actors too. The problem is that it played it too straight. It never really found the humour. This would be OK if it managed to get the tension or scares right, but it just fizzles flat. This is a real pity, as you may as well watch The Birds, a truly terrifying film that also shows why you shouldn't explain everything. Kaw even takes one of the actors from that film, when it should have just had more fun. Not embarrassing, but not incredibly entertaining either. The best thing about it is the title, which I can't help but say in an annoying bird sound kind of way.

Chip H (br) wrote: The incredible journey. War is hell.

Filius S (es) wrote: Death Race takes its name from the cult classic car racing B-movie from the 70's, Death Race 2000... then removes the 2000, throws everything else away and shits all over the entire concept. Enter Jason "I'm Great at Driving Cars in Movies" Statham, a blue collar worker who used to be in NASCAR but was given a career that would make him more relateable to audiences. He comes home from work one day when he gets laid off cause something something recession, and gets framed for (get ready for it): A crime he didn't commit. Now he's in a maximum security prison where they give prisoners ... cars... and make them drive around tracks... to kill eachother, for TV ratings... ugh. Basically it's shitty version of Running Man with cars, and the same color scheme as a call of duty game. Something like 20 minutes into the movie, you'll have figured out the entire plot line (including the ending), and all that's left for you is the car racing/crashes which are honestly really half baked. TL;DR - 3/10The characters are unlikeable, the concept of a cross country race where you murder innocent bystanders is completely butchered, the camp factor is completely erased and replaced with a gritty edge that makes you want a mountain dew, the races are boring and take place on what looks like a crappy level of twisted metal 1. In short, this movie is dreadful. If you want something like this movie that doesn't suck, just watch Death Race 2000, the recently released Speed Racer film or hold out for the upcoming Mad Max release, because honestly, this film borders on being insulting to the viewer.

Cecilia C (nl) wrote: When I saw Angel Face in a Film Noir class in college, I was stunned. How could a movie be this dark, yet still so appealing? But, that, as I learned more about film, is what Film Noir is all about. Noir movies do not always have happy endings (most of them do not) and they most definitely do not have to have everything throughout the movie be idyllic and cheery. After all, Noir is about life post-WWII?it?s dark and brooding, just like war. So, getting back to Preminger?s masterpiece Angel Face?I mean, this is the man who directed one of my favorite Noir titles (and often referred to as one of the first big titles of the genre), Laura. That film ends with a somewhat uplifting ending. I mean ? only the ?bad guy? gets it. In Angel Face, forget trying to figure out who's bad and who's good and what?s going to happen next because you never will. And the ending?well, let?s just say you will be shocked. Mitchum plays the perfect Film Noir wanderer?he?s searching for something and just might have found it with Jean Simmons, a very spoiled, EXTREMELY troubled young lady with a lazy father and a rich stepmother. Enter Mitchum who Simmons sets her sights and her clutches on. It?s a timeless tale of love gone wrong?with several major roadblocks set up along the way.

Jason M (ca) wrote: This is an underrated Stanley Kubrick film. Although I would not regard this as one of the greatest films of all time, it still contains all the essential Kubrick elements of low dialogue and high visuals.The film is an adaptation of the 1926 novel "Dream Story". Kubrick takes us on the dream-like journey of Dr. Hartford as he tinkers with promiscuity in the wake of marital turbulence. I am not a big fan of Tom Cruise, but given this Kubrick vehicle delivers a strong performance, along with Nicole Kidman, his real life wife at the time. It is said that the Hollywood power couple approached the master Kubrick with a desire to be cast in one of his films. With his health failing, this last master stroke provided them with their wish.The scene at the mansion are spellbinding. The backward chants of the clerics provide an eerie backdrop to the raw sex exposed as the focus of festivities. The film provides us insight to the very real sexual secret societies of the ultra powerful.

Adam V (es) wrote: One of the most compelling and emotional character pieces I have ever witnessed came from Tom Hardy who portrays Ivan Locke in a 90 minute film set solely in the confines of his BMW X5. Director Steven Knight does a terrific job at making this movie feel dark and atmospheric, and keeps you glued to your seat through the use of the terrific screenplay he conjured for this film.

Andrew B (kr) wrote: Although Boxing may seem like it is at the forefront of Raging Bull, it actually is just a backdrop of the portrait of an extremely flawed and volatile man who although can beat men twice his size into a bloody pulp, is extremely unsure of himself and self conscious and the only way he knows how to express his frustration is through violence. Take for instance the scene where he is pestering his brother played by Joe Pesci about the relationship between his wife and the brother. The tension is so thick and just when you think that it is over, Deniro's character just simply will not let it go. His jealousy is so unsettling that you can feel the fear and uneasiness of the other character's pouring through the screen right into your chest. Raging Bull is brilliant. Scorsese, Deniro and Pesci are absolutely incredible in this movie. When you look at the history of actor and director teams that have worked together multiple times, I am not so sure if you can find a time period that is better than Deniro and Sorcese early in their career and this is probably the culmination of that excellence.

The C (us) wrote: I will have to give this film a 3.5 rating. This movie was ok. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't horrible. The visual effects were great, the acting was good, and the plot was ok. Dylan O'Brien did a fantastic job as Thomas, the main character in this series.The problem with this film was that it wasn't really exciting and some scenes were uninteresting. This movie was overall not bad.

Luc L (it) wrote: An animation that revolve on society. Not that interesting.