A grandfather, police officer and a priest join hands to investigate and find a missing child.

A grandfather searching for clues related to the abduction and murder of his granddaughter, police officer and a priest join hands to investigate a new kidnapping that bears similarities to that unsolved case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher H (au) wrote: I have to give some credit on originality for a rom-com that has a scene filmed entirely in infrared, while subtracting credit for a semi-obligatory lyrical interlude.

Sahib D (ag) wrote: Amazing story of the best racer to ever live

John Eric D (gb) wrote: This film is just impressive and did not see it coming. It has very slow start and suddenly it starts to get more interesting. Kondracki's debut suspense will grip you out on a mysterious plot as Weiz's portrayal of Kathryn Bolkovac was based on real events against human trafficking

Dan S (gb) wrote: a few good moments in an otherwise not really great film. david ceasar like to talk himself up which make's his films seem even less impressive. good actors get some crappy dialogue to work with.

Larry M (us) wrote: I hadn't seen this since back in the bad old VHS days, but it holds up pretty well 22 years later. Texas Ranger Jack Benteen (a long, lean Nick Nolte) is one tough, steely-eyed hombre who don't take no shit from nobody. He is all bidness and all BADASS all the time. I don't think he cracks a smile in the entire 104 minutes. His boyhood buddy Cash Bailey (charming-like-a-snake Powers Boothe) is now a bigtime drug kingpin, running dope from across the border in Mexico. Benteen doesn't like it and means to shut his old friend down by whatever means necessary. Of course, Bailey has no intention of being shut down so a clash of the two titans appears inevitable. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that both men have a 'thing' for the same Mexican hot tamale (Maria Conchita Alonso). Throw into that volatile mix an army unit led by a ceratin Major Paul Hackett (Michael Ironside) and made up of officially dead men, which appears to be planning a bank heist in the area, and you have the recipe for a testosterone drenched action flick par excellence from director Walter Hill (48 Hrs.). He doesn't disappoint. I love Nolte's tough-as-nails character, and I've always loved William Forsythe, especially in Raising Arizona and City by the Sea. Here his character Sgt. Buck Atwater, a greasy-haired, cigar-chomping good-ole-boy, is the definite standout among the soldiers. I've never been a big fan of Michael Ironside, but here he basically plays a cold-blooded killer, which is really the perfect part for him since he doesn't have to show any emotion. There's lots of hard-bitten dialogue and some serious gunplay before we arrive at the final showdown, and what a showdown it is. Hill is obviously paying homage to one of his favourite directors Sam Peckinpah, as the final shootout borrows liberally from the bloodbath that ended Peckinpah's classic The Wild Bunch. Well, I say if you're gonna steal, you might as well steal from the best. The film has its share of cheesy moments, most notably when the soldiers start commiserating about one of their lost compadres. And I've never been to Mexico, but if you have to walk around drenched in the amount of sweat shown on the characters in this film, I hope to God I never end up there. But those are not serious complaints. My only serious complaint is that the version I watched was in Full Screen. Overall, this is pretty good entertainment for us action fans.

Hector H (ru) wrote: Escribeme... te parece

Kyle M (it) wrote: Before Schwarzenegger became the Terminator, he was a barbarian that pre-heighten his career as an action star. But his acting as one was good, but sometimes mediocre like how the action sequences were mediocrely influenced that resulted heavily bleeding. Putting the violence aside, the film has good production values for an 80s fantasy adventure, including the fitted theme music.With that being said, the film resulted being likable with some enjoyment if you can ignore the violent contents and focus on the stuff that defined the fantasy genre. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Dick Powell faces William Conrad, and wins ... eventually--A Class Act!!

Ruth L (fr) wrote: Not bad from the comdey duo.

Cecilia C (it) wrote: Random Harvest could be called a sappy soap opera that is virtually unwatchable. It could be, but in my opinion, it?s most definitely not that. This is a highly powerful and engaging film with?yes, some very improbable circumstances. But, so what? If the acting weren?t as good as it is, maybe this one would have fell into that pile of melodramatic mush. But because Greer Garson and Ronald Colman are so believable and passionate here, I find it impossible not to enjoy the ride. Colman plays a man who has lost his memory during combat duty in WWI. At the beginning of the movie, he is in a mental institution. Garson is the woman who befriends him after he escapes. Of course, Colman and Garson fall in love and then, through a series of circumstances, he regains his memory?forgetting all about his life with Garson. Yes, I know it sounds illogical but trust me, it works?mostly because of the performances. Garson and Colman take the slightly over-the-top dialogue and bring it back into reality. They are both fabulous here?as is the entire movie in general. A great old-fashioned love story for a cold Winter night?or even a hot Summer evening?!

Giorgio P (br) wrote: Some of the most bland cinematography and acting I've ever seen. Its just a bunch of assholes on holiday with the occasional confusingly awful dialogue and comedy

Oscar H (fr) wrote: En fullkomlig odyss i osmaklighet. Inte en enda karaktr r av sympatisk natur och ngon rd trd r svr att finna, men nd r filmen underhllande frn start till ml. Gore-effekterna r ofrglmliga och kroppsbyggarkommissarien r robust s det frslr. Och lodisar som smlter ihop till grn srja kan man ju inte riktigt f nog av.