A teacher tries to overcome his frustration teaching a high-school that seems to be full of flunkies.

The film follows a school teacher, who stands up and fights against the backdrop of a lawsuit in his school: giving diplomas to illiterate students. Meanwhile, he also uses his heart to teach his students and inspire them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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King L (kr) wrote: Interesting tete-a-tete between the late great atheist, Christopher Hitchens and an evangelical Christian pastor, Douglas Wilson.

Giorgos V (br) wrote: Aksiologo gia elliniki tainia. O Haralampopoulos einai foveros kai grafei poli kala. Arketa kali skinothesia

Rachel G (it) wrote: I didn't have high hopes for this movie but it turned out to be interesting to watch! In some places it is very long and dull, but Gabriel Byrne makes up for it! Without Gabriel Byrne I'm not to sure if this movie would have been even half as good as it was, he was sweet, charming, and a very torn man which makes you very emotional attatched.

Jon P (fr) wrote: Krzysztof Kieslowski's first feature in the renowned 'Three Colours Trilogy' focuses on the theme of 'liberty'. Juliet Binoche underplays enigmatic widow, Julie, to perfection and the film is visually arresting throughout.However, mirrored by it's own music and subject matter, Kieslowski's film is a sort of symphonic climb towards yet-to-be-established greatness; always cold, but never chilling, and fundamentally anti-climatic. There's clunky exposition, cliche galore and controversial editing choices, and, the whole time, it's hard to shake the feeling that Kieslowski's picture isn't quite as profound as it thinks it is. Unique and intriguing, but ultimately just pretentious.

Seth Y (ru) wrote: Although at times it's over the top and cheesy, New Jack City is an entertaining and brutal 90s crime film.When crack cocaine is introduced to the streets in the late 80s, Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) and his gang, known as the Cash Money Brothers, become the dominant drug dealers in New York City. With the help of his men, Nino builds an empire and transforms an abandoned Harlem apartment into a massive drug fortress. As Nino begins to feel invincible, a pair of tough, street smart cops (Ice-T and Judd Nelson) are targeting him, aiming to take him down and break up the Cash Money Brothers. The result is a violent and intense viewing experience.As you would expect, Wesley Snipes absolutely steals the show here in the role of Nino Brown. He really comes off as a powerful crime lord and is very convincing. The character is ruthless and I loved every minute he was on the screen. A young Chris Rock also really surprised me. Most people just associate him with goofy comedy, but he stepped into the role of a drug addict and nailed it. As good as these two are, I wasn?t impressed with some of the other casting choices. Ice-T and Judd Nelson are the main protagonists in this film, aiming to defeat Nino. Although nowadays Ice-T has a long acting resume, his performance here isn?t particularly strong. The same can be said for Judd Nelson, who I really like, but just didn?t really cut it for me. At certain points, the dialogue between the two is so cheesy it?s almost laughable, like a really low-budget amateur film. That being said, because the movie is so intense and action-packed, it?s hard to get worked up over the parts that may not seem up to par.New Jack City is no GoodFellas, but it is a respectable crime drama that aims to deliver a message. This film is a portrayal of how drug rings can destroy cities, a point that was easily delivered by director Mario Van Peebles. The hour and 40 minute run time takes no breaks, delivering intense violence and a story that manages to be entertaining. 3 and a half stars.

Tanner M (au) wrote: By this point in the series we are all bored of the same routine that's why I like this movie inparticular because it gave something new to the series. Instead of chasing after teenage kids Freddy chased after one of their children (hence the name "The Dream child").

Thomas B (ag) wrote: Grade - AA truly disturbing thriller, 'Seven' is a haunting experience. Stylish direction and a great script alongside fantastic performances all round make this crime drama one worth watching - if you have the stomach for it.

Steve D (nl) wrote: Great football with some dark comedy very good acting

Ryan C (us) wrote: You do not want to mess with Bette Davis, especially if you're...Bette Davis! What a messed up, twisty, and downright nasty little movie! Beware though, this film is in Black & White, but don't be movie racist, check it out!

Well A (us) wrote: Valeu pela inovao, porque o filme s ok.

Austin W (mx) wrote: aw cool a new Tim Roth movee!

Andrew O (nl) wrote: Extremely heavy and depressing, but not totally without levity, this is a good film to check out if ever you're suffering from an overdose of holiday cheer. William Shatner is great too.