Team: The Force

Team: The Force

Three aspiring music artistes endanger their lives after they get into the bad books of a gangster.

Three aspiring music artistes endanger their lives after they get into the bad books of a gangster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josep P (it) wrote: La educacin prohibida [2012]

Annick D (gb) wrote: Not as good as I expected it to be, since Noomi is a KICK ARSE Lisbeth Salander....but not completely unwatchable either.

Dee R (it) wrote: Nice twists, keeps u intrigued. Good cast. WAW (worth a watch)

magd f (jp) wrote: this film is one of my best films &i hope to see it again

Jesse O (ag) wrote: Not a lot to say, just a really good and different type of gangster movie. Violence is used when it's absolutely needed and not used gratuitously. It won't blow you away by today's standards, but it's still a really good movie to watch.

Al M (au) wrote: Jean Renoir's adaptation of Emile Zola's La Bete Humaine (or "The Human Beast," as it is translated in the subtitles) is a naturalistic tour-de-force that explores the nature of love, the power of obsession, and inability to escape one's past. Unlike many naturalistic works, La Bete Humaine is not simply a bleak, depressing examination of characters as they destroy themselves; instead, it is a taunt thriller that follows the lives of several individuals related by the business of train-travel who become involved in murder, adultery, and a variety of other intrigues. Renoir powerfully brings locomotive travel into the film, and the train steadily becomes a character itself that ties together the various lives that we watch unravel onscreen. Indeed, as with any good naturalistic work, La Bete Humaine examines how our environment and upbringing determine our fates. And, indeed, the characters barrel full-speed towards their fates like the unstoppable juggernaut of the steam-engine. In effect, their lives, like the train, are own tracks as the proceed inevitably towards one fated, tragic outcome. As always, Renoir's direction is breathtaking and brilliant, and he manages to truly bring Zola's story to life in this powerful exploration of human identity and the damned relationships we forge with one another.

Andrew O (ru) wrote: A disturbing, but undeniably well-made, drama-horror story.

John C (nl) wrote: Good scares, made me scream so loud it scared my gf. Could have better acting though.