A detective seeks redemption after taking on an assignment involving the death of a girl.

A detective seeks redemption after taking on an assignment involving the death of a girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tears torrent reviews

Darlene K (au) wrote: I would say that this movie has a very witty conversation. However, the story is too common. I would not say this was the best movie, but I wouldn't say it was the worst either.

Enguerrand d (it) wrote: Du grand Takashi Miike... surtout les 6 premire minutes... d'anthologie !

Kyle B (kr) wrote: Over dramatic score, over acting, insane plot points. This has to be a dark parody. Damn this was weird....

Jackson W (kr) wrote: An interesting movie that I originally thought was suppose to be a horror flick. But it was more like a drama ... kinda disappointed as i was expecting a bit more from it.

Stephan H (kr) wrote: Mye inspirasjon for jobbe med film kommer fra Englagrd

Keisha H (fr) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies. I enjoy the acting. I think that the movie is funny at times, and serious at other times. I truely enjoyed this movie and I have seen it over and over.

Harley P (kr) wrote: I can't stand you, Rob.

Rockthing B (ru) wrote: The epitome of cool The New York 'Blow Up'. Another lost treasure. So great that it was resurrected.

Trace P (br) wrote: Excellent film from the late sixties. Christopher Lee is still the best Dracula for my money!

Kate R (mx) wrote: Frankly, I like the new re-working of this musical a whole lot better. It's a fun musical, but it's not my fav R&H, not by a longshot.

Allen Q (au) wrote: I still remember seeing this as a kid... then I just happened to run across it again in TMC a couple of years ago. All songwriters and those who appreciate music should watch this one.

Jason E (mx) wrote: Some laughs. Tina Fey and Paul Rudd are likable enough but the third act kind of ruins the movie.