Tears of Kali

Tears of Kali

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   drugs,   anthology,  

The eerie stories around the Taylor-Eriksson group and their members are told in three episodes, SHAKTI, KALI, DEVI, embedded in a frame plot. This group tried to re-define the limits of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tears of Kali torrent reviews

Alexander L (fr) wrote: Does a great job of illustrating the difficulty of sommeliers and the mastery they have over their palates. Some cheesy shots however of exploding wine glasses was unnecessary.

Diganta B (au) wrote: A weird dark experience!

Laura M (it) wrote: It was good but there was some distracting elements to the production. It wasn't a waste of my time.

Lenny R (ag) wrote: Cliched, saccharine, deliberately tear-jerking, and full of condescending kiddy-magic stuff (not to mention the almost cringe-inducing faerie mysticism, courtesy of a convenient Irishman). Bit it's well-executed, with solid performances by the skilled and appealing cast (and that definitely includes Nesbitt as the Irishman). Nice to hear Barrett using her real accent. Tom Russell is the weakest performer, which perhaps wouldn't be so obvious if Kodi wasn't there for constant comparison. Not the best Tass/Parker film by a long shot, but not entirely without merit.

Sonny P (us) wrote: hahaha, looks soooo bad!!

Renelle W (kr) wrote: I stumbled across this one in the video store. Thought it looked like a movie the kids would like...and they really did. It was cute.

michael c (mx) wrote: Dietrich and Von Sternberg considered The Devil is a Woman to be their best picture. The film is stunning. Of course, Dietrich does that Voodoo that only she can do so well, and Von Sternberg is the Magister Ludi of classical film. This is their masterpiece. The acting is commendably brilliant. The script moves with the pace of a runaway freight train. The emotional tension escalates along a sharply ascending curve - and the film delivers a punch that transforms each and every viewer - revealing more about themselves through the machinations of the main characters tossed on the unpredictable sea of love. Dietrich delivers, perhaps, the greatest screen performance of the decade - and destroys the egos of every other character leaving a wake a mile wide and infinitely deep. Dietrich proves the powers of women over men, time and the planet we currently inhabit. Unmissable.

Jeff S (fr) wrote: Russell Crowe and the supporting cast, as well as Ridley Scott's direction are all very good, but this is completely Denzel Washington's film

Renee R (ru) wrote: Its slow, wasn't much to the story line

Miedy B (kr) wrote: What you see is what you get! Since it was made in 1927, so of course no fancy computer special effect. It was real flying with no green screen! The actors had to learn to fly airplanes and then they would have camera attached to their airplanes. It's a dangerous movies to make. The director was a former pilot and he had to choreographed every flying scenes carefully and the results were amazing! The battle scenes on the ground was also amazing and I'm sure it was so extremely difficult to choreograph everything and there were so many things happened at once! The movie was quite dark and risque for it's time and now it's one of the best silent movies I've ever seen. Not only that, it's now become one of my favorite movies of all time. This movie was the first one to win academy award.