Tears of Steel

Tears of Steel

The film’s premise is about a group of warriors and scientists, who gathered at the “Oude Kerk” in Amsterdam to stage a crucial event from the past, in a desperate attempt to rescue the world from destructive robots.

He just wanted to be awesome in space. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando C (it) wrote: Awesomely entertaining!

Guri d (ag) wrote: Uma historia maravilhosa

Tim R (it) wrote: If you actually want to learn something while watching a movie, this could be a good pick for you.--I found it enlightening to see inside the reality of a former Soviet Republic, Gerogia (not actually Russia..Sorry about that, but I ran out of space in my title block.)--This is a documentary showing the obstacles to progress and industrial privatisation in the former Soviet Union states.--The U.S. based global power conglomerate that is trying to bring a self-sustaining modern power system to the state of Georgia has many obstacles, from nepotistic corruption, to the communist era mindsets of the populace. This movie can be very informative about the reality of Soviets lives, in the modern era.It also is a saddening story about the corruption that ultimately pervades the soviet governments and restrains the Soviet people from greater progress in the struggle to have a better life. Tim

Gregory M (ag) wrote: I love how the movie by its own accord understands where it stands and realises that the story was serves to us before. It was a very promising story with a very promising plot,but the twist was not a very satisfactory one and it ruined most of the movie's atmosphere for me. It was fun to watch but nothing more.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Directed by Dennis Dugan, (who has since worked with Adam Sandler), and written by Pat Proft (The Naked Gun (1988)) and produced by David and Jerry Zucker This remake of A Night at the Opera (1935), was intended to be a new series of films by Paramount, after glowing test-screenings, but when the Zuckers left Paramount under a dark cloud, Paramount dumped it. Shame, as it's actually a very funny comedy with some great gags. Widow Lillian Oglethorpe (Nancy Marchand) wishes to honour her late husbands wish of forming a ballet company, and she gets her lawyer Roland T. Flakfizer (John Turturro) to handle the deal, but he finds himself at loggerheads with Oglethorpe's late husband's lawyer Edmund Lazlo (John Savident). Flakfizer has help from Oglethorpe's handyman Jacques (Bob Nelson) and cab driver Rocco (Mel Smith), and they try to obtain the world's greatest ballet dancer "The Great Volare" (George de la Pena), but Lazlo wants to discredit Flakfizer, and expose him for the cheat he really is, chasing ambulances and twisting cases. But, Flakfizer, Jacques and Rocco won't be beaten. It has some hilarious moments, and it has a great trio of Turturro, Nelson and Smith as the would be Marx Brothers, and it's fun seeing Savident (Fred Elliot in Coronation Street) as the slimey, posh baddie. It's a shame it died on release, as it's far funnier than a lot of the comedies that were out around the time this came out. It's got cult classic written all over it.

Serge V (au) wrote: Tu l'as pas vu? t'es francais? t'es sur?

Tim B (au) wrote: Small budget but a very down to earth film. Better than a horror film because you get to know the characters before...

William H (ag) wrote: This underrated and amusing comedy just makes me want to jump on an airplane for a vacation in Italy. Perfect to get into holiday mood and my favorite Billy Wilder film apart from Sunset Boulevard.

Claire T (us) wrote: I loved it but don't want it on DVD, it was a good film, Richard Harris and Alec Guinesss played great characters, Richard Harris and Alec Guinness played good parts, I thought it was a good film

Zaar D (kr) wrote: um no, not interested

Jessica H (ru) wrote: I'm just not buying what this film is trying to sell.

Felipe O (ru) wrote: Fucking amazing. Thrilling, suspenseful, engaging, unpredictable, and ballsy. Mia Farrow is amazing and this movie stands the test of time in many ways. You'll actually care about this protagonist and more so, care about where the story goes and what consequences will come about for our protagonist. Empathy and sympathy, on the part of the audience, for a character in a film is difficult to accomplish. This movie does so in waves by framing Rosemary Woodhouse in such an innocent, sweet, and harmless way that makes you truly yell at the screen, hoping you'll save her by telling her to do this or to not do that.

Ryan K (kr) wrote: A fun popcorn action movie. Where the plot is nothing to write home about the action however is definitely a spectacle. With over the top big set pieces to fill the screen to keep the film afloat. It certainly has it's problems and isn't a perfect film, but that doesn't mean I had fun. It's harmless entertainment that is fun to pop in on a casual weekend where you don't want to sit through something deep but something fun. It's like you could eat this $100 meal and enjoy it certainly but you instead order pizza because it's just as delicious. Tomorrow Never Dies is pizza.