Tears of the Black Tiger

Tears of the Black Tiger

A homage and parody of 1950s and 1960s Thai romantic melodramas and action films. Dum, the son of a peasant falls in love with Rumpoey, the daughter of a wealthy and respected family. The star-crossed lovers are torn apart for years, but their forbidden love survives. When tragedy strikes, Dum unleashes his rage and becomes the gun-slinging outlaw the "Black Tiger" who will stop at nothing to seek his revenge.

With its loud acting style, exuberant sets and stunning shots in pastel colours, this Thai cult film is as much a parody as an homage to the Western and the romantic tearjerker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny M (it) wrote: mucho ruido pocas nueces

Misterewan A (nl) wrote: crap. another wasted opportunity by Peter Mullan to re-energise Scottish cinema. he needs to ditch his arty pretentions and stick to telling a story.

Ida K (mx) wrote: I felt sorry for the poor mother who fell for the pyramid scheme.

AN N (ca) wrote: At times it's so slow (to the point of almost being boring and mundane) and at times it is brilliantly moving ... Worth watching ... For the very reason that it's a tiny window that peaks into a world few of us can imagine ... But need to know exists ...

Ashria R (it) wrote: i love it when he fight without his eyesight...

Tony W (fr) wrote: Good thriller if you don't care about character development

alex n (gb) wrote: this movie is. funny

Alex K (au) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Are you man enough, big and bad enough, to dig this superfly Shaft flick--That Shaft character is one violent cat!!

JH K (au) wrote: La mejor aparte de la original, plantea una rebelin muy interesante y satisfactoria de seguir,

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 88%Watched this on 20/5/16Really different from an American film of the 50s, On the Waterfront has a plot that is worth remembering, something that is realistic because it deals with the life of the common folk of the time which might still resonate even today. Marlon Brando, Karl Malden and Eva Maria Saint give commendable performances where I feel that Malden gave the best despite a short screen time. The direction, the music are all spot on and the carry the movie forward rather than make it feel artificial like in many noirs. However, I did not enjoy the ending that much, it could have been a bit more realistic than dramatic.

Elly P (us) wrote: 2/5/16Most people don't have wonderful life experiences with the perfect friends, parents and teachers. Not everyone gets to live the life they always dream of. This movie handled that brilliantly. I wish everyone could experience a teacher like this. In life you have to take all the opportunities that come your way and never be afraid to say hell to the standard and march to the beat of your own drum.Aside from the incredible message, it was still a touching story. I will admit, it was lacking in some areas. Not everything was resolved, but the movie may be better for it. The fact that everything is left open is in itself poetic. And if that last scene doesn't move you to tears then I don't think you have ever really lived.Side note: This made me incredibly sad that Robin Williams can no longer make moving movies that touch everyone who takes the time to watch.

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