Teen Thay Bhai

Teen Thay Bhai

Bhatinda-based middle-classed Harpreet Gill is unable to get his three rather plain-looking and overweight daughters married and must live with constant criticism from his wife; his brother, Chiksi, is a fake dentist who incurs wrath of his patients; while his second brother, Fancy, is an out-of-work Punjabi movies' actor. The trio dislike each other and keep their distance. When their grandfather, Khetrapal Singh, passes away, the trio do get together and waste no time in squabbling with each other. They are, however, pleasantly surprised when they find out that he had left a mansion in their respective names. Their joy will turn to anger and disgust after they find out the location as well as the terms and conditions, spread over a period of three years, that go with this procurement.

In order to inherit a mansion, three squabbling brothers must fulfill their late grandfather's wishes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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