Teen Vamp

Teen Vamp

An unimpressive, boring high-school geek is bitten and contracts vampirical symptoms, transforming him into a confident coolio.

Murphy is a horny high-school boy. He has a crush on the cute blonde Conny Sutton, but she just laughs into his face. So he decides to call on the services of a prostitute. Unfortunately he... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (kr) wrote: Bujalski proves himself worthy of the praise heaped on him for his previous, comparably lighter, efforts. However, rather than hit his viewers over the head with the drama of his situations, he has retained the sense of letting his characters undo and reveal themselves through ostensibly frivolous conversations and seemingly trivial actions, which allows a lot of the film to operate in a sweet comic mode that makes it a joy to watch.

Prashast S (it) wrote: CCTC is the first Indian martial arts movie that is very entertaining. Director Nikhil Advani and Akshay Kumar are the real stars that have made it a pleasant and interesting movie. It's really a great entertainer.Akshay Kumar who not only performs Martial arts, also emotes well throughout the entire movie. The film is full of thunderous performances. The film has excellent emotional chain between all characters. The stunts are the best ones I have ever seen. Other aspects like music,comedy,locations,cinematography and story with screenplay are also perfect. The Chinese actors are also good.On the whole,CCTC is a great entertainer all the way. Go,watch it and visit China with our desi stars!

jessica m (kr) wrote: interestingly weird. poor people.

smail D (ca) wrote: It gave me a feeling like watching Ladies In Lavender. Such a lovely and sad story...

Kelly K (ru) wrote: A very beautiful film, that really surprised me in it's depth and honesty. Loved it!!!

Corey B (ru) wrote: This one disarmed me. It's the kind of movie that I have flipped to on tv many, many times, yawned, and moved on (in fact, I guarantee I've flipped past this movie in particular as some scenes were quite familiar). But..it's simplicity is actually its biggest strength, and it grows on you as it moves along.It's a small film, given its strength by top notch performances, particularly from Irving, Riegert, and Bozyk. These are complicated people, and the lovely script has many, many layers. Rigert's character in particular is wonderful. If this were a romantic comedy today, he would be more easily loveable, but Riegert plays him as a real guy with real flaws. He's gruff at times, awkward, a little petty, and doesn't always know what to say. Irving is equally complex. She's having an affair with a married man, is too caught up in the pretentious book crowd she surrounds herself with, and can be too materialistic. The romance works because the characters navigate each other's flaws. They don't look past them, they actually deal with them. Holding it all together is Bozyk as Irving's bubbie, and she really gives the movie its heart. Crossing Delancey is a great little movie, gentle in tone, that is worth checking out.

Daniel V (us) wrote: One of my favorite John Wayne westerns. Robert Mitchum is so good as a drunk but noble sheriff and James Caan, a very young James Caan, getting his Sonny Corleone on as hot headed knife throwing hot head. Team those two up with getting a bit past his prime but still his royal Dukeness of badass, John Wayne and you got one of hell of entertaining cowboy flick.

Lee M (mx) wrote: Preminger's well-constructed and suspenseful film in the Hitchcock tradition is well worth watching for the performances, but alas the conclusion comes as something of a let down.

Joshua G (kr) wrote: With great music, imagery, and filmmaking, this is an astounding documentary! The film truly captures the intensity and horror that went on during this greatly tragic concert. It gets so intense, that it should be classified as both a concert film and a THRILLER! One of the best documentaries of all time!

Hobbie D (ca) wrote: Can I get a witness!

Brandon E (nl) wrote: One of my personal favorites, and probably one of my favorite movies ever. I know it may sound silly. This movie, although it is crazy, silly, and very funny, it has heart. And the ending was beautiful in my opinion. The soundtrack is especially memorable and to this day I'm still listening to some of the songs.