Teenage Cave Man

Teenage Cave Man

Roger Corman's post-holocaust quickie about an adolescent tribesman who dares to explore the feared "forbidden zone."

A young man defies tribal laws and searches for answers. The result of his quest yields knowledge of past generations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carrie B (jp) wrote: very strange movie...i watched it twice and am still not sure i got it

Bruno V (br) wrote: 4th time i seen this i think , only this time the singing of the conversations did get a bit on my nerves , and not all the songs off the girls were nice , a big feather for Eddie Murphy ...great acting and singing !!! SOMDVD

Cody M (ag) wrote: Amusing mockumentary in which the famed German film maker Werner Herzog travels to Scotland to explore why people are fascinated by the myth of Loch Ness's famous monster, and finds himself battling wits with his producer, who wishes to turn the humble doco into a Hollywood blockbuster. Then something strange happens... Knowing satire masterminded by director Zak Penn (who plays himself as the sullen producer) is a lot of fun for film buffs (everyone in the film is more or less who they say they are) and there are some laugh out loud moments. Those not familiar with Hezog's work and reputation might find it a bit puzzling though.

Ralph B (us) wrote: This movie was just weird. To clarify how weird, think about how a movie would be if half of it was the character on acid. The only thing stopping me from outright calling it stupid is the fact that it's weird.

Nolan M (ag) wrote: The only sports film I like. A good film that tells the story of a football team made up of whites and blacks and how they come to together during times of segregation.

Orlok W (au) wrote: They're idiots, but that's what makes them so great--Looney Tunes on speed!!

Ilsa L (kr) wrote: The story of childhood sweethearts whose lives are intertwined by fate and by choice, is told simply and beautifully.

Hannah D (br) wrote: Really good, interesting and not too obvious.

luke v (au) wrote: this is one of the best horror movie sequels I've ever seen! it is really creepy and it has suspense with some characters I really like and didn't want to die and this time hes going after his niece Jamie lees daughter so, I really liked this one it was very entertaining so I say check it out.

Eduardo S (mx) wrote: me gusto mucho! un gran descubrimiento del 85' que ni saba que exista

Miguel R (gb) wrote: Big is a fun and memorable comedy film with a clever Tom Hanks in the leading role

Giovanni M (mx) wrote: As a fan of the show, this was the perfect adaptation to the big screen despite some weird editing that is really distracting.