Teenage Fear

Teenage Fear

At an elite private boarding school, four students form a clique to sneak out of school after hours, to meet, drink and play. Trying to escape the golden cage, which their wealthy parents ...

At an elite private Border School four students form a clique to sneak out of school after hours to meet, drink and play. By trying to escape the golden cage which their wealthy parents ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob G (kr) wrote: I need to see the tv series-- then I'll be all over this like a French hooker.

Fredrick R (it) wrote: French Drama about young business school students playing sex/mind games with each other. It tries to deal with some race and class issues, but not all that effectively (the cute blonde guy falls for a cute arab guy)

Mark R (jp) wrote: Finally saw this and was glad I did. Talk about memory lane!!! Yes it's a "coming out" movie but I think more than that, they got the 80s down pat!

Katie F (ca) wrote: One of the worst John Cusack movies I have ever seen!

Tre Bluey O (de) wrote: Gabrielle Anwar & Jennifer Tilly

Charles P (gb) wrote: If you loved ?The Notebook,? you perhaps can plumb the depths of ?Possession,? a film from 2002 that combines a story of enduring love in the High Victorian Era with a literary detective story in the present, moving back and forth seamlessly between the two. There?s even a lesbian plot line. Incredible cast includes Aaron Eckhart, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Northam, and Jennifer Ehle.

Harvey M (br) wrote: A very good production recording the saga of the Italian airship Italia, its ensuing crash, and its crew's desperate struggle to survive and the world's attempt to rescue them

Jonathan A (mx) wrote: Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster offer up decent enough performances, but they're soon let down by weird and confusing plot twists that are completely unnecessary for a sci-fi/action film like this. Still, it's simple and naturalistic pursuit to tell a cheap story with cool-looking special-effects sometimes proves effective in the scenes involving creepy creatures. Just prepare to be let-down by a shoddy-looking ending.

Stephen R (es) wrote: This one is pretty awesome...one of those down to earth real feeling films thats still engaging and worth watching...a throwback to some great 70s buddy movies (Hackman and Hoffman in Scarecrow) about two loser types but it never goes too fair...dynamic male female directors bring some serious intelligent artful filmmaking with a strong supporting cast to frame these two terrific top notch performances by a possibly unlikely duo of now huge again movie star Ryan Reynolds and phenomenal chameleon like Aussie character actor Ben Mendelshon (who has been in a zillion movies and is regarded by many as one of the best actors around) and has been carving a niche bringing pathos believable without excessive sentiment to broken loser types...and a few years ago i had thought of Ryan Reynolds as just a wanna be Ben Affleck (not thinking that wanting to be Ben Affleck is a good thing) but he has proven that quite wrong...i did not have chance to see Deadpool yet but i know its good and the fact that he would make this around the same time makes me respect him...in fact, it was in Empire magazine I even heard about this movie and I am glad they guided me to check out this intelligent oddly entertaining buddy gambler movie...also, i am not one to much love gambling movies, over then passing in the background, and these guys do it well their previous outings in Sugar and Half Nelson were also terrific...bravo...

Kevin M W (us) wrote: Want to visit Scotland but can't afford a plane ticket? Want to see it from a rural perspective, pre-WWl, but no one's invented a time machine yet? You could do worse than this brief visit with a family living their day-to-day lives. Not a lot of exposition here, but it's all beautifully filmed. It's dull in some places, no doubt like Scotland herself, and you'll long for a chase scene somewhere, anywhere, even if it's only in a supermarket.