Teenage Kicks: The Undertones

Teenage Kicks: The Undertones


Veteran BBC Radio DJ John Peel takes his first visit to Derry and discovers for himself the band that forged his favourite pop song 'Teenage Kicks'.The film, through the use of interviews and archive footage (of Derry and The Undertones), takes us back to 1975. To a time when it would have been normal, even expected, for five Derry teenagers to get together and have a riot. The Undertones got together, formed a band and created their own form of riot, bursting into a vigorous and joyous celibration of their own existence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Teenage Kicks: The Undertones torrent reviews

Stacey H (it) wrote: i want to see this now

Dena S (au) wrote: it was a low budget movie not really worth watching. the person i liked was the russian cop but nobody else really.

Michael S (ru) wrote: This movie was a hit and run in it self. While I will give it credit for some interesting film techniques (the high speed driving), the rest of it was as lively as... well, road kill. The acting was barely passible. The characters weren't engaging, and I was actually glad when the boyfriend was found dead. I'd rather collide with a train than watch this movie again.

Arash B (nl) wrote: Cliche & Predictable, and suffers from logical flaws in the story and also unrealisticness

Evita L (br) wrote: Just see it! Black humour, tragic aspects, and a story that will keep your eyes stack on the screen! The agony of the hero to say "I love you" will break your heart, and so will the doleful end...

JeanAntoine B (jp) wrote: Great one! A sensitive and realistic movie with an interesting story that captivate you.

Wan K (de) wrote: It was comedy for me. For Killing time only!

Richard S (us) wrote: Holy shit this was a wierd ass film. Kyle bought it for 1 and I think they saw him coming.It's like the rushes for two completely different movies were cut together by someone who knew nothing of either.The killer is one of the most bizarre characters I have ever seen. He is also absent from the closing credits and has no character name. The half star is one kill that made me and Kyle jump out of our seats laughing. I won't spoil it for you.

Logan M (ru) wrote: The epitome of a rom-com classic.

Jacob B (ca) wrote: It is sort of a funny movie and Sacha Baron Cohen is great at taking on his characters. I was expecting more jabs at celebrities and more satire than overly offensive gags.

Sorenof R (us) wrote: WARNING:MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSTomatometer:76%This was a great movie but it's not the greatest movie of all time like people say it is.The camerawork is great and the story keeps you constantly engaged as you watch a man reach success just before his life completely falls apart.I also really like how it ended.I highly recommend this movie.

CJ C (de) wrote: Chas: [to Turner/Mick Jagger] "You're a comical little geezer. You'll look funny when you're fifty." Incorrectly billed as a Mick Jagger flick, when its clearly a James Fox vehicle, its unusually good for a 70's film. Fox has an Alain Delon vibe and theres plenty of violence, sex & drugs with very little rock 'n roll. Jagger's portrayal of Turner is mind-bendingly perfect & probably his best performance ever. A cult classic with a great soundtrack. Also, be sure to see my uploaded clip of Mick's, "A Memo From Turner."

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Christopher D (nl) wrote: I had no idea that a film was adapted from this book. ... Huh.

Timothy N (ag) wrote: Right up there with Psycho, Frenzy and the Collector.