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Teenage Pajama Party wastes no time as the opening credits roll while a variety of "teens" stroll through their inner city neighborhood and file into young Kim's (Candy Love) apartment for a slumber party. No sooner than the parents shut the door for their night out, the girls disrobe to a ripped off instrumental version of David Bowie's Fame. After a brief period of dancing they don their pajamas and gather around the telephone to listen to an obscene caller, an uncredited fat slob who masturbates while reciting a violent fantasy to one of the girls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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bill b (kr) wrote: For sure it is not as good as Dogtooth. It is still a very absurd story...

Hobie P (ru) wrote: Stupid and unnessasery

Chris A (br) wrote: Minimally, this film is engaging and intellectually stimulating. There are parts of it that are quite fascinating. And it has puppets! OK, the puppets aren't the big selling point. If you are into the idea of the life journey, knowing thyself, and personal redemption, then you may well be interested in this. If you aren't into those kinds of things, you may still be interested in the puppets.

justthatgirl y (gb) wrote: good famiy christmas movie

Alexander S (nl) wrote: This is just a fun movie to watch. Funny with good explanations of the science that they use and not too sappy with the love story. It wasn't hard for me to suspend my disbelief watching this. John took a longer time to come around and not be so dry but once he did he was a pretty cool character to watch.

Lars P (ag) wrote: Just crap, like most movies with Ben Affleck. Just complete and utter crap.

Mr N (gb) wrote: Sappy, dry, dramatic and boring. Hulk (2003) has some aspects I like such as the three lead characters, the villain is meh, the Hulk scenes are pretty cool and it does have some interesting ideas. But this film is very slow paced, filled with pretty wooden dialogue and is too drama heavy rather than fueling us comic book fans with more action. Overall this film is a misguided attempt at a Hulk film.

Donna B (kr) wrote: was a good wee film. had a bit of a random ending though

Dustin J (fr) wrote: why? what was the purpose of this movie?

Brian B (ru) wrote: This is the first movie I remember seeing Kevin Bacon in. That kind of set the tone on my opinion towards him for a long time. He plays a good jerk.

Jonathan M (us) wrote: An entertaining mystery with comic elements in a war-time British hospital, "Green for Danger" is a little bit stagey and the plot is reaching (there's a random twin who is never seen that is needed to tie up a loose plot point) to get to its conclusion. There are a few neat scenes (the platform denunciation, the detective reading the mystery), but this is nothing great (particularly some of the supporting cast's acting).

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Linda B (br) wrote: eh...not as funny as I had hoped. Definitely not a classic

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Trinity (us) wrote: Pro: beautiful cinematography Con: didn't like her leading on the guy in Scotland, not cool

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