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Amy H (fr) wrote: "like one of Shakespeares most scabrous lost characters, somehow unleashed in the modern world, and clearly relishing the grit and the gristle." Neil Pond. No wonder I couldn't stop watching. I do like me a Shakespearian soliloquy disguised as a train wreck throwing the C word.

Doc P (jp) wrote: Nice flick. Made me want to read my bible.

Graham M (es) wrote: Fast-paced enough to never be boring.

Jukka K (kr) wrote: There's absolutely nothing in this movie, but it gains some points just for not being as irritating as most of american horror movies.

Arash B (it) wrote: I expected this to be at least entertaining but it's pure crap in every aspect, Such a waste of time

Andi Z (es) wrote: strictly business, is about these two guys. who work in the same firm. & then one day waymon goes out to eat & he meets the girl of his dreams. so they end up helping her get her night club off the ground. & the three . all became friends. waymon. & natale became girl friend & boy friend. this is one movie to see with some one you Love!

Anthony V (mx) wrote: A lot to say about racism, and the human condition. It's not a comedy, its deep drama.

Anthony S (fr) wrote: A high concept cyberpunk film with mind-blowing animation, it demands to be watched more than once to be fully comprehended.

Bill N (gb) wrote: not bad! another kind of 'shaft'!

Alexander P (ru) wrote: follows the early zombie / voodoo formula again with a racist tinge to it. More comedy rather than horror / chills disapoints on so many levels

Steve A (fr) wrote: Great movie, they did a good job of filling in the blanks at the end of the story which gave the miracle more impact. Read some of the other books and stories about this event. I think the writers did an outstanding job staying true to the original story. There were multiple miracles during the event and the writes focused on each one with the right amount of emphasis. kudos. For those that are ready to accept they are a creation from a benevolent creator, this movie will reinforce their convictions. For those that still think they are their ego and that they themselves are God, or that they were kicked out of Heaven because they are sinners, then this story will not be seen with any value, and will try to explain it away so they can stay either on their throne or in their cave. There is only God. God is love. You are love. You are only dreaming you are bad. Nothing ever happened. It's time to wake up and go home. It's that simple, Only your ego (false mind, split mind, satan mind, etc) wants it to seem to be complicated. When you are ready to wake up, the entirety of heaven will be there to guide you out of the woods. God didn't make your ego, you did. It's time to lay aside the fantasy, or burn up another lifetime on arrogance, judgments, and delusions.

Julia S (au) wrote: Sooooo good, it is not traditional... but that is what I like about it!