Tekken: Buraddo benjensu

Tekken: Buraddo benjensu

High school student Ling Xiaoyu is recruited by Anna Williams of G Corporation to transfer to Kyoto University and gather information on a student named Shin Kamiya. Meanwhile, Jin Kazama, the current head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, sends Alisa Bosconovitch to the university for the same mission. Though they do not know each other's true motives, Xiaoyu and Alisa become close friends. However, their friendship is put to the test when Shin is captured by an unknown assailant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (au) wrote: This dramatic thriller was all about religion, and if you are a non-believer, simply skip it! Written and directed by Garrett Batty it stars Corbin Allred, Maclain Nelson, Nikita Bogolyubov and Alex Veadov. The movie is about the 1998 kidnapping of the two Mormon missionaries, Andrew Lee Propst and Travis Robert Tuttle in Saratov, Russia. The kidnappers wanted US$300,000 ransom from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but nobody wanted to pay the ransom for different reasons. For five days the two missionaries were handcuffed and held captive in a small room. When no ransom materialized, the men were driven to a field and released. Doesn't sound too exciting, especially when we all know the outcome of the story... but, there was suspense in the movie, excitement, and very believable acts and results of the faith of the young men. At the time, this event was a significant international incident, but the director wisely chooses to focus its time on the missionaries and their captors. Some blamed a limited budget for it, but the important story really is what is happening within that relationship where they both slowly make their way through a barrage of emotions, confronting fears of their captors and their own mortality, and slowly coming to understand the role their faith will play in their predicament. Please, do not dismiss this movie because it falls into the category of Mormon cinema, and the well-tread subcategory of missionary movies that is so prominent within it. Check it out and you will see that director Garrett Batty's effort is very solid. I didn't like the hand-held camera work and the intense original soundtrack, but the locals from The Salt Lake Tribune praised the film. Some of the scenes were not very impressive, they were executed rather like a routine, but they are countered by most of the emotional scenes of Allred and Nelson re-creating those days of captivity. Not a bad viewing!

Don W (nl) wrote: Revisiting thanks to Netflix...and the last 10 minutes of Christmas with the Kranks is really nice and pleasant for a Christmas movie. Unfortunately the entire movie before that is just a spiteful unhappy slog that no one needs to experience.


Shawn R (au) wrote: It is a good artsy type movie and I would have liked it much more if I hadn't seen better renditions of time fate manipulation movies like "Edge of Tomorrow" or the "Butterfly Effect".

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Kyle B (jp) wrote: A fun, light fantasy comedy with great performances from Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn. Great score, screenplay, make up, visual effects, and art direction

Kris W (kr) wrote: Willem Dafoe fights the battle of his life as Salamo, a Greek Jew (and former champion boxer) who's incarcerated in Auschwitz by the Nazis and must defeat all comers in weekly boxing exhibitions. If he doesn't, he faces the gas chamber. Based on a true story. Also stars Robert Loggia as his father and Edward James Olmos as the gypsy who works for the Nazis. Gypsy: Listen, I'm only going to say this once. For those who can hear me tell the rest. First come the SS, our lord and masters. Then comes our block health manager, Kyr. Then come the assistants, Otto and me. Then come the rats. Then come the lice... and then come you.

Claudia A (us) wrote: Great movie... Has a good message I would f added more star but won't let me :(... But it's a great m ie

Little V (fr) wrote: Epic, atmospheric mood movie

Oreste M (au) wrote: Great study of the idle rich and their "meaningful lives".....plus a gorgeous Seberg doesn't hurt either....

Corey B (mx) wrote: Fun sequel doesn't have the atmosphere of the original film, but does play up the Beauty and the Beast concept. When the creature is taken out of the black lagoon and put in a marine park (probably the inspiration for Jaws 3), he begins to bond with the female scientist researching him. Of course he escapes and basically becomes a creepy stalker, following her throughout Florida. It doesn't sink into the repetitive patterns of the first movie, but it also doesn't have the claustrophobic feeling either.

Matt B (es) wrote: We've all heard of Mary Elizabeth Instead, the beautiful actress who in the past has picked a lot of dumb movies (Final Destination 3, The Thing, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). Now she finally gets a serious role, and she NAILS it. Smashed, costarring Aaron Paul (also terrific), is a simplistic but powerful look at a loving couple addicted to alcohol. Think of it as a modern day Days of Wine and Roses.

eljko R (us) wrote: Enjoyable crime thriller despite terrible ben affleck.

Jordan S (it) wrote: Funny, but that's it.