Suresh is a wealthy businessman who discovers that his best friend / business partner Dinesh is extorting money, which prompts him to fire him. The disgruntled Dinesh then sets out for revenge, which involves blackmail and murder.

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Kristina K (br) wrote: It had some cutish moments.

Matthew D (it) wrote: I really liked this biopic of East-meets-West-meets-east-again! based on the book, which I have now duly purchased for 1 at a charity shop. A powerful and hard-hitting account of an immigrant women's experience of state housing, marriage, unemployment, (Indian lady) loansharks, westernised kids; and the attraction of our fantasies, meeting the brutal truths. A truly commendible effort, in the Capital of my UK!

Mark B (gb) wrote: santa vs the devil .. no really

Carl B (jp) wrote: the opening titles are so amazing.

Cassie D (au) wrote: Now this is what black comedy should be like! The timing is beautifully done and the casting was perfect. It pokes fun as a genre most of the actors performed in on a regular basis and Basil Rathbone's renditions of Shakespeare are so painfully funny it can only be a dig at the Olivier style performances of the Bard.

Andrew C D (br) wrote: The plot seems to lack any flesh, and I frankly can't understand its appeal. Also, 61 minutes shouldn't count as a feature film.

Drew N (ru) wrote: Terrible, Just Terrible.

Thomas G (br) wrote: I actually enjoyed this film. Stylistically the sped up and spliced elements were really interesting/