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William Tell, the number one "Swiss" hero is about to rock the screens. In reality, he's an Austrian dreaming of the Swiss passport. When noblemen send him on a mission to free the country ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deb K (de) wrote: An OK slasher film with really no plot. The gore effects were good. But there was really no story behind the film. Everything took place inside of one old house, with the exception of the very beginning where Winona met an old boyfriend at a bar.

Ryan A (fr) wrote: Not bad but not very good

Rejeanne J (de) wrote: Haaha, what the hell was that ending all about? Regardless of that, I really enjoyed this. It was very nicely done, I was impressed.

Adam R (ca) wrote: A lighthearted Christmas comedy that is easy to watch. (First and only viewing - December 2008 in theaters)

Tom W (ag) wrote: Right. I have just posted a couple of 10/10 reviews, so I thought it time to even the balance. I find it hard to write much for this. I do so only out of public-spirited generosity. Heed my warnings. If you don't want to read on, here is the short review: Garbage. And the longer one: This movie is quite astounding in it's lack of quality. From the 'Power Rangers' style monster (ooh, his eyes are fiery, help me mummy), to the cast who appear to be rejects for the nonspeaking part of 'Doctor's 3rd assistant' on General Hospital, to the nutchokingly lame story and desperate plot devices this film is shit. The only reasons it gets '2' is I rather enjoyed the hammed-up basement-dwelling weaselly bloke and a couple of other bit-part madmen: "They're gonna get me Doc! Don't leave, they come at night"..etc... I won't even bother with the confused notion of the psychiatrist performing autopsies, or the horrible lack of coherence of the pointless plot 'twists'. It's terrible. Don't watch it, even for fun. It's not.

Matthew N (ru) wrote: Bamboozled is an in your face satire. A satire of media, personal identity, and culture exploitation. This is a mix of Mel Brooks "The Producers," Sidney Lumet's "Network " and Spike Lee's in your face writing and wit. Follow Pierre Delacroix, a black frustrated TV producer looking to get fired. So Pierre comes up with the idea to create the most offensive television program ever put on. A modern day minstrel show. The thing that happens is, its a phenomenon. Damon Wayans invokes such a character its almost too telling to watch. Jada Pickett-Smith shows her true colors in this film. The cameras used for production were hi-def (at the time) domestic cameras giving a raw fly on the wall style. Spike lee explores the depth of racism/explotation in media and general culture. This asked the questions "Who wears blackface?" (Not just akin to black people) This movie makes me explore all the movies/TV/characters that I grew up as a child. It makes me shy away from a lot of movies and cartoons from the 30's & 40's. Movies with the "Yes Sa" mentality. I knew there was rasicm/bigatory in media and culture, but never to this extent. Its sickening to comprehend.

Amy A (ag) wrote: I was happy to see that another reviewer equated this movie to 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. While 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is a classic on a much larger scale, both movies depict small children coming of age, innocent but exposed to prejudice, and mother-less with a caring father. The way the author shows moments of childhood is raw, not over-stated, or "Hollywood"... just honest. However, I did not like the title. It was a turn-off. Nor am I a Danny DeVito fan, but I did like him in this movie. Glad I watched this movie anyway. Many people rave about DeVito's acting, but it was the two children who amazed me. HOW did they get a toddle to act so naturally?!? Usually, little kids over-act (and are annoying), but not these two. When older brother stuck his younger brother by the evil dogs, the toddler cried in fear, and it was so realistic, it was frightening. And when the older boy cried, "Daddy!" on the tree limb near the end, again, it was so realistic, so it wasn't corny. However, there were a few flaws. Mostly, the older brother's haircut was painful to see. And when the children were laughing hysterically to DeVito's jokes, it felt a little forced, because he wasn't that funny. And why did the girlfriend dump Jack so suddenly? Maybe because this is what happens in real life, and this movie was all about r-e-a-l l-i-f-e... no Hollywood. That's also why it had a Mockingbird feel.

Jennifer T (ca) wrote: Very well put together. Excellent acting from Jack Nicholson. Would see again even though it is long as hell. Despite the negative reviews-I thought it wasn't half bad.

J D (ca) wrote: This movie is very sad. Not for the faint hearted. Not suitable for pre bedtime viewing for the young at heart

Aman A (it) wrote: This is defintely one of those movies that you need to read about after to "get it". The direction cannot be argued and the shots pulled you in like a magnet. This movie is to be watched by serious moviewatchers only. It is philosophical, challenging and full of debate. If you do decide to watch it, be prepared to read loads after and the learn a lot because this movie has a distinctive voice and expression.

Shirley M (nl) wrote: Saw it before and really love his movies