Ethan Tell is a small time crook who makes a big-time score when he steals 1 million dollars. Ironically, his life radically changes for the worst when he discovers that stealing the money was the easy part and he now must keep his partner, his wife, his parole officer, and two corrupt detectives from stealing it from him.

Tell, a mere thief made a big mission when he stole a million dollars from the bank. Then he was arrested, but the stolen money had not been found. Three years later, after his prison term, he thought that his troubles passed. However, when he faced with his greedy wife, who betrayed his colleagues in the past, the local police and two caddish police officers are looking for him to appropriate all the money, Tell realize that all things still had not finished outside the prison gate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wilman A (kr) wrote: Love story bandaged by myth idea of warewolf. Begin with scenes in USA,old Kim Suni (Bo Yeong)receives a phone call about the sale of her old family home back in South Korea. She met by her granddaughter and drive to her house. A long the road,she tells a story about this house in 60's. And then the movie using the flashback approach to tell the story. This movie doesn't know how to improve the story in the middle but very clever for building the moment. Sweet climax and sensitive drama made this movie worth to watch. Shock performance by pretty boy, Joong ki,he can playing dirty way and truly know how to play the character. Certainly this movie can make you smile and sad in the same time. [Spoiler alert] But the flaw is this movie has the good moral but failed in delivering the meaning because the final scene come in that way. So, we questioning the final scene cause there is no happy ending i thought.

Godislistening T (ca) wrote: I love this movie, it's a must see.

Kelli F (ru) wrote: It is dark, revolting, and powerful. Although this movie may not make you feel great, it makes you feel very powerful and dark emotions, to elicit such an emotional reaction is an accomplishment in itself. Due to its horrific nature and ungodly length it took me about three sittings to actually complete the movie in its entirety, worth a watch if you aren't too easily rattled.

Ivan S (au) wrote: This is truly one of the worst movies I have seen. Do not waste your time on this ... You'll regret even giving 2minutes of your time. No plot, no originality, no imagination, no talent. It will not scare you and nothing to expect. A definite 2thumbs down for me.

Jackson L (fr) wrote: It was quite funny most times, but got a little tiring in other parts. The countless, creative obscenities are absolutely hilarious and remain that way throughout the film, and the tone of the film is conveyed so well it almost feels real. It's definitely an interesting and unique film, but since it only consists of dialogue, it may put some people off watching it. But if you don't mind lots of dialogue and incredibly angry, profane spin-doctors, then check this film out.

Alexi H (ag) wrote: I am told that as an American sitting comfortably over here, I have no idea what is going on in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I have been trying very hard to get educated. This movie was a validation of my ongoing sympathy with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Of course, this takes place in 2001, when Sharon was elected. So this is old news and not any insight into the Hamas situation.

Ludwik Z (au) wrote: One of best movies that is have ever seen

Antoine R (it) wrote: Probably one of Dupontel's best movie, with "les convoyeurs". It's totally nuts, I dunno what a subtitled or dubbed version in english would be like, but if you do speak french, just get this movie. An abandonned child grows up in an orphanage, and becomes a complete nutcase who goes on a journey to find his parents... and Albert Dupontel (love him, can't help it ^^) plays the part perfectly, with Claude Perron giving a beautiful performance as the drug addicted slag. Just get it, take the broomstick out of your *** for 90 minutes, and enjoy the ride :)

William W (mx) wrote: Being a huge fan of Al Pacino (from the likes of 'Heat', the 'Godfather' movies, and 'Dog Day Afternoon' especially) and having had a huge crush on Bridget Fonda ('Single White Female', anyone?) back in the day (Peter Fonda's famous daughter was named 85th sexiest star in film history, and Mrs. Danny Elfman hasn't been involved in film, unfortunately, since 2002), I was hugely disappointed in this film, especially since I had loved director Harold Becker's previous 'Sea of Love', which also starred Pacino. The first half was decent and involving, but it kind of slid off the rails, interest-wise for me, the rest of the way and got too talky and uninspired.I don't really know if the problem was with the script or its direction. I know I'm not the greatest John Cusack fan in the world (I find he's much better in comedy, like his sister Joan), but he had pretty good co-stars, whose talents were basically wasted, in Martin Landau, Anthony Franciosa and Danny Aiello (these guys were BORN for these roles and films, so on paper, this should have really worked out well). I had always wondered why this film had bombed so miserably, and now I know why. In cases like this, more should have been done to alter the story arc, just some basic tweaks, to make it more suspenseful and/or (though I usually balk at such 'Hollywood' tendencies) some romantic tension (a beauty such as Fonda's was misused--they may as well have hired someone else). All in all, a wasted opportunity that's worth a look if you like dramas about corruption--just don't go in with big expectations, and don't bother with a rewatch.

Janet C (br) wrote: Our family not only loved this movie the first time we saw it, but we still love this movie and watch it often still. It is too bad that there aren't better ratings for such a wonderful family movie.

Willy V (ca) wrote: Best finnish movie I've seen so far. Bleak, dark and depressing combined with a wonderful cinematography.

Gabriel C (jp) wrote: Dreamcatcher is a bizarre and ill-conceived Stephen King adaptation that's more silly than scary.

Connor B (fr) wrote: Hey, I got a much better title for this film: S**tzilla.

Greg W (fr) wrote: #3 in the 'dollars' trilogy and I think the best of the 3