Tell Me O Kkhuda

Tell Me O Kkhuda

After finding she was adopted as child, a young woman sets out to look for her biological parents.

After finding she was adopted as child, a young woman sets out to look for her biological parents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gregory F (nl) wrote: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is such ripoff of Wedding Crashers that it's insulting. It's not quite as insulting a the original Fast and Furious ripping off Point Break, that was like someone plagiarizing The Holy Bible or my Dad's shake and bake recipe, but it's just as blatant. This 2016 "millennial comedy" (the studio's words, not mine) is loosely based on the true story of two brothers who posted an ad on NYC's Craigslist seeking dates to their sister's wedding and the post went viral. Take that premise, insert every single beat from Wedding Crashers only swap the gender roles and replace Annapolis with Hawaii, vuala...Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Seriously, Anna Kendrick IS Owen Wilson, Aubrey Plaza IS Vince Vaughn, Adam Devine IS Isla Fisher, and Zac Efron IS Rachel McAdams. Shit, there's even a queer family member who keeps hitting on Plaza/Vaughn (The painting was a gift, Todd) and an aggressive family activity that leads to painful injury.While Mike and Dave is a stencil of a movie, I didn't hate it. Everyone in this cast is very likable after all (Anna Kendrick can do no wrong in my eyes) and there are less enjoyable ways to spend 90 minutes than watch this foursome party. Just don't expect much more than that.

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - 12/17/2010)

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Andrew S (gb) wrote: The movie that really launched Slys career. Good action, but ultimately its the vulnerability of Rambo that's the star here.

Jenn S (jp) wrote: 'Savage Sam' is the sequel to the ever-popular Disney film 'Old Yeller'. This film introduces a new canine hero, Sam. The boys have grown up now, and they end up being kidnapped by a tribe of Native Americans. It is up to Sam to help rescue them. I do not know how the story particularly ends, but this film was not nearly as engaging as 'Old Yeller', nor did it have the suspense and the emotional tear-jerking struggle at the end...or, if it intended to, it did not work. 'Old Yeller' is a classic, so it is difficult to create an equally good or better film, but this one does have its moments with providing some entertainment for the children. I would not recommend it unless you're really into these films and loved 'Old Yeller'...then, I suppose you have to see it.

Tyrone H (it) wrote: This movie is quite ambitious but fails becuase it is not ambitious enough in the end. I watched it becuase i'm always interested to see what Kilmer is doing and i liked the last film (Felon) of his that i saw. It tells most of the story in one location and through a series of flashbacks. I say most becuse the initial sequence is that of the end of a hiest. The location is Echo Park in LA. I say 'most of the movie' and that is where it went wrong for me.. the whole story could have been told in flashbacks much more mysterious could it have been if it had started in the park...and unknown man in a raincoat with a briefcase in a park and gradually peelled back the layers of the story. There appears to be some disappointment with the 'pace' of the film. Well that's becuase it's not a hiest movie. It's about a man who on one day looks back on the whole of his life and belives that he can repair the damage that he has caused, but who also interacts with others, some strangers, and how he affects their lives on that particular day. For that type of movie it is beautifully paced. The misunderstanding about what type of film this is is probably caused by the action sequence at the beginning and the expectations of the movie could have been set more realisticly by showing that sequence in flashbacks later in the film. Even so this is a good film with some good performances. The small twist/reveal is telegraphed well in advance...just listen to the telephone conversations. But this doesn't harm the movie because the reveal just resolved something that had been nagging at me since the begining of the Park sequence. Give it a try. It has some nice ideas and good performances...just don't expect lots of fast paced action and Bayification!