Tell Tale

Tell Tale

The sci-fi horror tells the story of Terry who is able to see memory from the last moments of the dead donor's life after his heart operation. As consequence, Terry is forced into a bizarre investigation to unravel the mysterious murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stef (nl) wrote: ...I don't know what I expected.(Oh, Dean Cain. I remember being a little girl, watching you on 'Lois & Clark' and thinking 'oh, he's so dreamy'. If only I'd known what was to come...).

Nasu N (de) wrote: Wow! That's all I have to say, this movie has so much meaning that I still can't get over. It's an art, it shows the characterization of marriage between a husband and wife. The directing is amazing, it's sickening and dramatic to the extreme. I love films that are not multi-faceted and this is the direction that many movies need to take. It will take me a lot of time to process this entire film. But it's super powerful, super complex, super dark, and just pure movie quality.

Katie B (au) wrote: Cute...but kinda stupid. The animation was also kinda weird.

Ale L (de) wrote: Out of all the films, this is the one that comes close to actually being pretty good. It offers just enough to be called decent; including some cool action. But it still has the silliness the others had.

Angelica W (es) wrote: what a complete waste of time. no clue as to whats going on. the acting is horrible. and its just boring and not even scary. SKIP!

Josh B (gb) wrote: I think this was supposed to be a spoof about pretentious people in the art world . . . a spook is supposed to be funny, this was as pretentious as the intended targets.

Private U (fr) wrote: i'll watch it just for Kellan Lutz

Samantha O (ca) wrote: i really loved this movie it was scary

Aparna Y (ca) wrote: Good subject and nice to see bollywood exploring more themes - but the movie seem to touch only on the periphery of the father-son relationship.

gross m (gb) wrote: This movie is as rotten as five year old eggs. It's nothing like the book

Patrick M (au) wrote: paulys funny but its a cable movie

Belal S (kr) wrote: Hilarious as usual, Charlie Sheen always the best ...

Nils H (au) wrote: Had never heard of this movie before, and I bought it only for the title and the great cover art. What I got was an orgy of car crashes, explosions and comic-book characters. To my suprise the heroine was behind the weel most of the time and had the strongest will in the couple, I liked that! The gags where launched at you all the time and sometimes it felt like you watched a Buster Keaton movie with cars. Eccept Buster Keaton's gags are funny. ... My bad, there was a scene in the very end which acually whas pretty funny. Overall, I got about what I expected, and the cover is still great.

Richard T (it) wrote: With the Pagnol pedigree and Daniel Auteil's screenplay, direction and acting, it would be hard not to like this movie. Combining pathos and humour in equal measure, the film's characters develop as the classic plot unfolds like a Greek tragedy. The setting in inter-war Marseille is completely convincing as are the complex relationships between the characters, where jealousy and mocking can be replaced with solidarity and affection in a moment's turn of the storyline. If one had to be critical of this compelling and satisfying film, the female lead was the weakest component, perhaps because we're spoiled by the Streeps, Winslets and Binoches, who might have commanded more inner tension during the long, lingering close-ups.

Amy J (ca) wrote: One of my Disney favorites....I love this movie...I owned it on vhs back in the I have it on Blu Ray and watch it on Netflix. It's a masterpiece!!

Ryan T (au) wrote: Perhaps it is because I had such low expectations of the film prior to seeing it, and while I like Cruz, she is a terrible cast for her role.Still, this film was better than its confusing predecessor. Luckily Depp and Rush carry a fast paced film that could have used more character development regarding the Spanish, Phillip, and the mermaids..

Hunter M (jp) wrote: Not my favorite toy story movie but very rememberable.

AJ E (ca) wrote: Worth it for Pam Grier. The junk-dealer in this may have been the worst overactor i've ever seen

Lori W (fr) wrote: Jean-Claude had the HOTTEST BOD!!!