Telling Lies

Telling Lies

A woman trying to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend is suddenly caught in the middle of a murder case.

A woman trying to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend is suddenly caught in the middle of a murder case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cory M (it) wrote: awesomely awesome awesome

larry s (us) wrote: Rotten Tomatoes is absolutely the WORST Site for ratings of anything offered,If you want to see a good rating on a movie decide on the opposite of what all these so called "Critics" evaluate on movies. If there are no gun scences, sex, or violence it is a bad movie to these so called experts. This is a great family movie that I loved and Morgan Freeman is the best actor Hollywood has to offer, If you want to see the Seedy part of life and walk away depressed than go watch Your Wolf of Wall Street type movies that get the 4 and 5 Star ratings.

CUPkAk3 (jp) wrote: JuST FiNiSHeD WaTCHiN Da MoVie LYK 5 MiNuTeZ aGo

James O (fr) wrote: Dreadful film. Dour scenery, dour acting and plot. Dour special effects. Dour.

Ethan S (ag) wrote: This is one of the few cases in movies where video games translate well into film. The movie version has everything you might look for in the adaptation of a fighting game. Especially one as famous as Mortal Kombat. The movie has a plot close to the story, with all the main characters, and action scenes that left you engaged and wanting more. The movie also sports an amazing cast, and thrilling plot that leaves you excited and glued to your seat. It's a shame the sequel couldn't capture the magic that made this one so great.

Cassandra M (ru) wrote: I think this film would have got better reviews if it had been called something else. The problem is Ronny Yu made a great, almost perfect film with the original Bride and this has rather a rushed feel to it. The epic, mythological feel of the first film has been replaced by something else and Brigitte Lin has no real space to develop the tragic character until right at the end when she is reunited with Leslie Cheung in a not exactly happy ending, if perhaps fitting. But the photography is wonderful and Sunny Chan is, in my opinion, a better actor than some give credit for. Joey Man does what she is there for and provides the eye candy and some nudity. They are supported by the great Helena Law Lan and Christy Chung plays it for fun and dies a suitably tragic death. This is much bloodier than the first film and the feminist, even lesbian overtones are too obvious at times. The kung fu and sword play is minimal but I sat through the film really enjoying it and if you don't consider it a sequel then it is still better than many other films.

screamerican i (es) wrote: I love this film. a pulp fiction with great cast of character. there is a suicide and a secret at the edge of the world, new mexico. a small town humble sheriff/family man is on the trail of a $500.000 and a note. before long deadly stranger shows up. anyway if you get a chance to see it its good stuff. yes its a bit slow but there is allot of great actors in this.

Scott C (de) wrote: Pretty boring Canadian dreck.

Lis A (br) wrote: have some tissues handy.